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Jim Babka

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We're at the deadline. Congress leaves town tomorrow, and as usual they like to pass lots of bill really quickly right before they go. Let's make sure they don't rush though a law giving the President warrantless spying powers, and/or immunity for the telecoms that participated in past warrantless spying.

Thank you to all the DC Downsizers who sent messages on this issue this week. If you haven't sent a message yet, please do so now, here.

If you've already sent a message, please use our "I am not afraid" campaign to send another one. This campaign is our effort to convince Congress to make their response to terrorism proportional to the threat. You can use your personal comments to also tell them that you oppose warrantless spying and immunity for the telecoms. You can send that message here.

Finally, we still need calls to the Blue Dog Democrats telling them to NOT sign the discharge petition that would bring the bad Senate FISA bill to an immediate vote in the House. If your rep is on this list, please call them . . .

Joe Baca (California) 202-225-6161

John Barrow (Georgia) 202-225-2823

Melissa Bean (Illinois) 202-225-3711

Marion Berry (Arkansas) 202-225-4076

Dan Boren (Oklahoma) 202-225-2701

Leonard Boswell (Iowa) 202-225-3806

Allen Boyd (Florida) 202-225-5235

Christopher Carney (Pennsylvania) 202-225-3731

Jim Cooper (Tennessee) 202-225-4311

Bud Cramer (Alabama) 202-225-4801

Lincoln Davis(Tennessee) 202-225-6831

Brad Ellsworth (Indiana) 202-225-4636

Tim Holden (Pennsylvania) 202-225-5546

Jim Matheson (Utah) 202-225-3011

Charlie Melancon (Louisiana) 202-225-4031

Dennis Moore (Kansas) 202-225-2865

Earl Pomeroy (North Dakota) 202-225-2611

Mike Ross (Arkansas) 202-225-3772

Heath Shuler (North Carolina) 202-225-6401

Zack Space (Ohio) 202-225-6265

John Tanner (Tennessee) 202-225-4714

Victory is near. Let's go the extra mile. Send a message, and, if your Rep is on the above list, make a call.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka

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