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Homeland Security Update: Chertoff Says New Laws Needed

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Source: HAI
At a speech before the Heritage Foundation this week, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the U.S. needs to have a “nonpoliticized, serious discussion” while writing new laws to define the best way to combat terrorism.
Chertoff said that once laws are written, the public should not second-guess government actions and claim that federal officials are overstepping their authority. He decried critics who make such accusations, despite the widespread public calls after the September 11, 2001 attacks for the U.S. government to do more to protect the country. Chertoff further said U.S. society needs to come to a determination as to what are acceptable authorities for the U.S. government versus what violates people’s rights.
If the public limits what the government can do, it must accept that the risk of terrorist attacks may increase, he said. If the public gives the government greater authorities, it should not criticize the government for using those authorities at a later date.
Chertoff called U.S. laws “woefully inadequate” in the context of current technology. He said the most significant step American society needs to take is adapting laws to the 21st Century challenge of fighting terrorism. Changes in technology have created unique challenges for the government when it comes to intercepting communications, as well as collecting and analyzing information found in the public domain according to Chertoff.

We would be better off having to deal with terrorism rather than tyrants such as Chertoff the kazarian-kommie. This jerk just does not get the message.
In the first place, the public has every right both criticize and limit what the government may. Furthermore, the constitution clearly limits what the government may and may not do. Of course that is probably a document this jerk and the rest of these gestapo wannabes have never read.
Since, 9-11-01 these traitors in goobermit have regularly violated their oath of office, usurped their delegated authority and disregarded the constitution with impunity.
It is past time that all traitors were properly dealt with.