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McCabe, Comey Pressured FBI to Publish Fake Sex Smear Against Trump


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Newly released emails show then-FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe pushed CIA officials to include debunked sex claims about President Donald Trump in a published report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

In his almost-immediately-debunked “dossier” on Trump’s activities during a 2013 business trip to Russia, former British spy Christopher Steele claimed Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on each other in a bed once used by President Barack Obama,  hoping to “defile” it as revenge against Obama.

No serious experts believed the claim and it was cited as a reason to dismiss the entire dossier, commissioned and paid for by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, as work of partisan political fiction.

Despite that, Comey and McCabe repeatedly demanded CIA officials publish the claim as part of the agency’s official report.  CIA officials refused and it was relegated to an appendix listing some of the claims included in the Steele dossier.

“A December 16, 2016 email from the FBI’s Intel Section Chief made clear McCabe was arguing for the wild sexual claims to be included in the official ICA report,” Breitbart reports.

“Referring to McCabe as ‘deputy director,’ the section chief wrote that McCabe wanted “details like the potential compromising material, etc.” to be included in the FBI’s official submission to the intelligence community for material to be considered for the ICA report,” Breitbart reports.

In one email to McCabe, “Never Trump” disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and others, Comey admits he told to then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper he could not verify the claims but demanded it be included, falsely describing Steele as a reliable source and not informing Clapper the FBI attempted and failed to verify the report.

“During a secure call last night on this general topic, I informed the DNI that we would be contributing the [Steele] reporting (although I didn’t use that name) to the IC [Intelligence Community] effort. I stressed that we were proceeding cautiously to understand and attempt to verify the reporting as best we can, but we thought it important to bring it forward to the IC effort,” Comey wrote.

“I told him the source of the material, which included salacious material about the President-Elect, was a former [REDACTED] who appears to be a credible person with a source and sub-source network in position to report on such things, but we could not vouch for the material. (I said nothing further about the source or our efforts to verify),” Comey added.

Not only were Comey and McCabe ignored and the claims not published as part of the official report, the report slammed the dossier as a work of fiction.

“The Supervisory Intel Analyst explained that the CIA believed that the Steele election reporting was not completely vetted and did not merit inclusion in the body of the report. The Intel Section Chief stated that the CIA viewed it as ‘internet rumor,’” the report concludes.

Comey and McCabe’s demands the CIA publish smears they knew to be false are the latest examples of how the pair abused their authority to attack Trump ahead of the 2018 midterm elections