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Year One Review: 60% of Americans Call Biden ‘Unsuccessful’

Sally Kent

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anuary 19, 2022

It’s going to be another long three years for President Biden. As he reaches his one-year milestone in the White House Americans are reviewing his progress as president and so far, they are not pleased. A majority of pollsters call Biden’s first year “unsuccessful” with the latest Rasmussen Report revealing 50% of respondents calling Biden’s first year “very unsuccessful” and a third of Democrats also think he’s failed.

According to The Washington Examiner:

Crushing Biden’s numbers has not been the job of Republicans but independents who have abandoned him and exasperated Democrats. Morning Consult said on Wednesday, “Biden is entering his second year in office with his worst job approval rating yet, driven by increasingly tepid support among Democrats that comes as his agenda remains stalled on Capitol Hill.”

Rasmussen’s year in review poll showed Biden’s approval with independents upside down. Just 30% see his presidency as successful versus 69% who don’t.

And the pollster also looked at the president’s unity pledge and, like Gallup, found it to be a failure. Just 12% said the nation was more united, while 57% said it was more divided.

As President Biden continues to fail in the public’s eyes he will continue struggling to sway Democrat holdouts to do his bidding.