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URGENT: They're trying to slip this through . .

Mat Staver

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URGENT: They're trying to slip this through . .

In less than 72 hours, Democrats have a deadline to pass a budget or federal funding will run out. They are using this window to push the destructive “Build Back Better” (BBB) bill. This socialist, anti-America bill must be stopped!

We need your help to stop BBB in the Senate. It will usher in aspects of socialism while crushing freedom and wasting trillions of dollars. Send your urgent fax demanding our senators immediately stop this bill! — Mat

 Help us STOP BBB and DOUBLE your gift through our Challenge Grant.

This massive 2,468-page BBB bill will transform America. In a few short paragraphs, it creates a new plan that will devastate America through a “Climate Corps” initiative.

The group pushing this program is clear about what they want this bill to accomplish. The “Sunrise Movement” admitted they want these 10 billion dollars to be used on their most pressing goals:

“Our country is facing so many crises, historic joblessness and economic inequality, gun violence, frequent murders of Black and brown people by the police, state repression of protestors and a climate crisis that looms over it all … [while] working a job without a living wage, benefits, or the right to join a union.”

The supporters of BBB want to strip guns from law-abiding citizens, defund law enforcement, encourage violent riots and racial divisions, and usher in a “Green New Deal” in which the government will dictate to you how many miles you can drive under the guise of “climate change.”

Joe Biden and the Democrats believe “climate change” is a public health crisis. And we’ve already tasted the tyranny under the public health declarations.

Capitol Hill Democrats are pushing this bill hard as a part of the budget process, which will only require 51 votes. Click here or the button below to send your urgent fax demanding our senators immediately stop this bill!

As disastrous as this bill is … it is just the camel's nose in the tent.

Even before this bill is passed, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats on Capitol Hill are pushing to expand government funding of the  “Climate Corps” by a hundredfold. They are demanding that the government hire 1.5 million people to fill these positions! That’s 30,000 people in EVERY STATE to push AOC’s radical socialist agenda! Or more than one of AOC’s minions for every 2.5 square miles of America!

We witnessed the destructive riots. Can you imagine what damage could be caused if the federal government fought against law enforcement protecting people and property—what the supporters call “repression of protestors”?

This BBB will be a socialist blueprint and MUST BE STOPPED.

And it is all coming to a head right now.

This weekend there is a deadline when federal government funding runs out. Democrats are frantic to pass this bill or a continuing resolution or face a government shutdown—when they hold the majority in all three branches!

They are working to push BBB as a part of budget reconciliation, which only needs 51 votes to pass, and they are under significant pressure to pass it. This is the next item on their agenda! There is no time to delay. Send your urgent fax to Congress to fight this today.

Socialist supporters brag, “If passed into law, it [Climate Corps] would signify the beginning of the decade of the Green New Deal” … another part of which is a crippling 15-dollar/hour minimum wage.

BBB lobbyists crow that this will “open the door for better, bigger employment programs.” They claim the pay rate for Green New Deal jobs “can raise the bar for all employment,” which will go significantly beyond establishing a 15-dollar/hour minimum rate.

In addition to a 15-dollar/hour wage, this bill also pays for employees’ food, lodging, travel expenses and health benefits, plus up to 50,000 dollars in college tuition per year!

And this is all in just a few pages of the nearly 2,500-page bill! It will also dictate all of the following:

  • What you can do with your money.

  • How much your taxes will go up.

  • Where you can live.

  • What you can drive.

  • If your daily activities and private home are adequately energy efficient.

  • To whom you can pass on your inheritance and how much they can receive.

  • What kinds of jobs or gigs you can take.

  • Even what you must put in your body to keep your job.

  • … and so much more!

Help us STOP BBB and DOUBLE your gift through our Challenge Grant.

It is critical to act NOW! Together we can stop this push for socialism and restore our nation.


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action



Sciales, Ellen. 2021. “The Civilian Climate Corps (CCC), Explained.” Sunrise Movement. April 20, 2021.

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