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Moments After Pelosi’s Speech Stunt – Democrats Call To Tell Her They Will Never Vote For Her Party Again

Adam Casalino

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February 7, 2020

We still don’t understand why Nancy Pelosi would tear up Trump’s speech on live television.

Maybe she wanted to outrage Republicans? It’s clear she’s not all too concerned with what they think of her.

But perhaps it was a stunt to fire up her base? Maybe she thought she could get her own party riled up to vote against Trump this fall.

If that’s the case, it definitely backfired.

Because liberals let everyone know what they thought about it.

From Twitter:

WOW! After the State Of The Union DEMOCRAT callers into C-SPAN completely destroyed Pelosi, saying they will NEVER vote for the Democrat Party again!

😮@realDonaldTrump #sotu #StateOfTheUnion #NancyPelosi

Uh… uh-oh. After Nancy Pelosi pulled her stunt, Americans called in on C-SPAN to let everyone know they would never vote for the Democrats again.

These weren’t independents or conservatives, mind you. There were self-proclaimed Democrats.

You see, while the party in D.C. is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, the rest of the country isn’t.

There are still plenty of America-loving liberals out there, who respect our country and its traditions.

They watched the SOTU, because they wanted to see both parties come together and celebrate our achievements.

Instead, they saw Nancy Pelosi rip up a speech that honored American heroes and the future of our country.

I don’t care who you are, that’s upsetting.

Pelosi showed total disregard for our nation’s heritage. So, what if she doesn’t like Trump—there was no excuse for that.

And it seems plenty of Democrats across the country thinks so too. If these are the ones angry enough to call in, how many more are out there?

Maybe Nancy will apologize to try to win them back. But so far, she seems proud of what she’s done.