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Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony Wednesday gave the impression he was merely a figurehead in the investigation of alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia in the 2016 election, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh concluded.

“Robert Mueller looked to me like he was hearing half of this story for the first time, that he was hearing the Fusion GPS part, the Steele dossier part, the fact that Hillary Clinton’s people paid off it, that his investigator was a Hillary Clinton donor, that his lead investigator went to her election night party,” he told his listeners Wednesday.

Brought before two committees Wednesday by House Democrats, Mueller appeared confused and uncertain when asked to discuss his report.

Limbaugh noted Mueller’s reaction to the recounting by Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of well-documented allegations of abuse by the Obama administration in obtaining warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

“He was listening to Devin Nunes, and there was no scowl on his face. There was no, ‘This is garbage.’ There was no facial expression. It was rapt attention. And, folks, I’m just telling you. I know this sounds unbelievable, but I think it’s entirely possible that Robert Mueller does not know at least 50 percent of this story that you and I all know,” Limbaugh said.

“He doesn’t know the Fusion GPS, the FISA warrant aspect of this. He was a figurehead on this! He didn’t do the work in this investigation. His name’s on the letterhead. He’s the picture of integrity and honor and all that,” the talk-host said.

“But he didn’t do any work here! This is totally a staff- driven investigation, and if he reads the New York Times, which I’m sure he does, and the Washington Post, he’s not gonna know anything. His report cites the Washington Post 90 times! The New York Times 75 or 80 times, as evidence of this so-called conspiracy, collusion, whatever.”

Limbaugh observed that many believe Mueller is covering up for the Obama administration, but it’s “entirely possible that he doesn’t know what you and I know about how this whole sham was put together.”

“I’m just telling you what I saw, not that it matters to anything. But it actually was the conclusion I came to,” he said. “You know, you watch. In a couple years, we’re gonna learn I’m right about this. It’s gonna be one of these things where I mention here in passing some observation, and something’s gonna happen down the road, ‘My God, I was right about it.’ You wait.”

Limbaugh said the hearings on Wednesday before Congress were important.

“We now know Robert Mueller is not capable and hasn’t been capable of participating in this investigation. We now know that Robert Mueller was chosen to head up this investigation precisely because of the reputation he brings to it: Incredible integrity, unimpeachable integrity and honor. He’s the face of the investigation. They’ve got his CV out there, his resume. Vietnam War hero here. Military war hero there. Attorney general here. DOJ, second in command over there. Back to being FBI director over here. Impeccable reputation.”

He said the people who actually ran the investigation were “a bunch of Hillary Clinton zealots who nobody knows.”

“Nunes says the Democrats here are no different than the people that tell you about the Loch Ness monster. ‘Nobody can find it, but it’s there.’ Same thing here with collusion. Nobody can find it, but it’s there. It’s gone from being invisible and hidden to now it’s in plain sight in the Mueller report! Mueller was listening to this like he was hearing it for the first time. I know how to read facial expressions. He was not impassioned, he was not bored, he was not biding his time until Nunes finished.”


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