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'GOVERNMENT WEALTH VS. PRIVATE SECTOR WEALTH' held. The official data has been found!


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The following very eye opening "official" information was posted at the top of the front page today. Please share and it is being sent to you FYI from, Walter Burien - CAFR1


** POSTED: 05/10/18 **


Let's start off with taking a look at the Big Picture of: "Government Wealth vs. Private Sector Wealth" held.


I have been actively looking for this "Collective" consolidated data for the last 20-years and found it two-days ago.


The following two documents are put out by the Data division of the Federal Reserve.


The 1st link is the category listings of wealth held for years 2011 through 2015. This covers total Federal Pension Funds; Local Government Pension Funds (L; 119. a, b, and c. L120 a, b, and c); Federal and Local total investment wealth held; same for the private sector (L.118.a, b, and c); financial institutions; insurance Companies, Brokerage; Banks, etc. Also included is Worldwide wealth held by all of the above. The categories also cover the "Total Debt" held by all of the above AND who is the investor holding that debt. After digesting the numbers you will see that the private sector; corporations; etc. are primarily in debt to government via government's investment capital.


When you look at the data, I note two things: 1.) The data is in billions of dollars. So when you see a figure such as 6457.23, that is six trillion, 457 billion dollars.


2.) After you pull out your calculator and add up the category listings on a specific issue, (I suggest to do this with Federal and Local government pension accounts), the total there is in excess of 16-trillion dollars of wealth held. Now compare that figure with the same for the private sector. Who do you think wins out on that comparison?


Then find and take a look at home and commercial mortgages by investor category. Who is funding the majority as the "investor"? Between Government and all others, who do you think is the primary investor, (L.124 Government Sponsored Enterprises, 6.4 trillion dollars just there) So is it: Government or everyone else in that 24-trillion dollar private and commercial mortgage collective market place?


On one last very important note that you could miss, if not told to you here: When it lists "Private Sector" wealth in all respects, and in all categories, past and present government employees are part of the private sector in those totals shown. So, with the millions of government employees, what percentage of that wealth in fact was accomplished by government funds passed on to government employees compared to everyone else???


The data section starts off with L.100. Here is shows total wealth of "Non Financial" Domestic. For the end of the year of 2015, it shows total wealth at 98.7 trillion dollars and total liabilities at 61.14 trillion dollars.


Also when you see "Liabilities" especially for government Pension funds, keep in mind that is liability "projected out 35 to 45-years. The "Standing wealth" held today is the reality of the situation.


The link for the data, L.100 to L.234 is:


The link for the definitions of the "L." categories is:


Please share these two links above with all you think would want to know the "Big Picture" of:  Government Wealth vs. Everyone else