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REPORT: LOOK WHICH CONGRESSMAN Indicted For Corruption, Pay-To Play, Fraud, Abuse of Power?

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A major U.S. Congressman is being charged with a series of corruption allegations. The case will mean the end of his career and perhaps jail time. It is an incredible story, one that can take down many people. Yet you might not have even heard about it, because the liberal media is protecting him. Why? Because he’s a democrat.


He has been a fixture in U.S. politics for many years. He’s been seen hobnobbing with other major democratic lawmakers in D.C., including the likes of Nancy Pelosi. The fact that he is being charged with quid-pro-quo favors for a top donor is big news.

He is basically being charged with high amounts of corruption. He abused his powerful position in U.S. government to grant favors to a wealthy donor. He took gifts and other favors from this man, in exchange for helping him and his buddies out. That’s called bribery. And a betrayal of his position.

If this was not a big-named democrat, it would be all over the news. Yet liberal news outlets are downplaying the story, because it will hurt the party’s reputation.

Last week, federal prosecutors rested their case against Menendez, after presenting weeks of evidence connecting the Democratic lawmaker to a Fort Lauderdale doctor named Salomon Melgen. According to the government’s attorneys, Menendez communicated frequently with Melgen, using his influence with the State Department and Medicare fraud investigators, to do a variety of favors for Melgen.

Menendez is alleged to have used his office to pressure state officials into issuing visas for Melgen’s many foreign girlfriends, and to distract federal investigators who were looking into Melgen’s business practices, concerned that the doctor was responsible for millions in Medicare fraud. In return, Menendez reportedly received free flights on Melgen’s private plane and lavish gifts.

After the prosecution concluded their case Friday, Menendez’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the case, claiming that prosecutors couldn’t tie Menendez’s friendship with Melgen to any of Menendez’s specific actions, and that any meetings Melgen had with Menendez were simply friendly chats that just happened to lead into offers of help.

Judge Walls didn’t see it their way. “This court concludes that a rational jury could deduce that the defendants entered into a quid pro quo agreement,” Walls said in his decision Monday morning. “The jury is at liberty to accept or reject.”

You can imagine what the left would do if it was a major republican being charged with this kind of corruption. News of wild fires and Hollywood predators would be all but ignored, to give 24-7 coverage of the trial.

Remember how often outlets like CNN and New York Times talked about the Russian scandal, even though there was zero evidence to back their claims. Just think about what they would do if a republican was facing the real charges Menendez is facing. Yet, because he is a democrat (and a minority) they all but pretend it’s not happening.

The truth is the democrats are falling apart. Their longtime, major leaders are being exposed for the dishonest, vile, criminals they are. This case will mean certain doom for Menendez, his donors, and everyone else that was complicit in their dealings. Yet very few liberal outlets are talking about it. Because they want to protect their little, liberal babies.

This is the double standard that is driving Americans crazy. For years we’ve had to put up with liberals in the media slamming us at every turn. They’ve lied about conservatives, twisted our words, and tried to destroy our leaders. Yet time and again, when liberals are outed as frauds, they turn a blind eye.

It’s high time we refuse to let them off the hook. How about you spread the word about this democrat’s fall? Perhaps the liberal media won’t win this time.