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The following posts from July 24 will be on top for a while because they are important.

Sometimes I hate doing this web site. The July 24 posts ought to make it easy to understand why - Practically all earth shattering DOOM that is not just "Nibiru talk."

WITH REGARD TO JULY 24's POSTS, Anonymous sent (with minor edits)

Hi, Jim,

So discouraged by reading S-722 ;"on Iran sanctions" -- I wanted to go into environmental law when it was not even yet in law schools, worked for the finest, have a BA in IR with honors, and am so disgusted our government has to write such cumbersome legalese -- they hire the best writers, preferably fiction, to get their way, and it is totally not needed. What a bunch of legal babble garbage. Not that the authors aren't good writers, just that they are deceptive, devious, most likely tribe members.

I will never understand their mentality and didn't want to pay back my student loans by going up against evil tribe liars. And if we chance to spend our time reading these bills, and we chance to share them with others, others are not interested, - they will only listen to the talking heads and think PBS Bill Moyers commie takes on the bills. I was one of almost none who read all 500 pages of the Food Safety Bill which was not safe at all, and a lot of the Ocare bill which actually was all taxes and little medicine. Grrrrr!

Since a coup is still underway on all fronts, THANK YOU for writing about this bill which is obviously designed to hamstring and remove him from power, much less get us into war with Russia. So very SAD!!!

My comment: Yeah, when I first started reading it, I thought "this is really going to be bad for Iran" and then all of a sudden it turned to all Russia and the President and I thought "Wait a minute, this is NOT AN IRAN SANCTIONS BILL AS STATED, and deceptively summarized as, and deceptively started as. All they did was use the Iran part of the bill as cover and they made it long enough to glass over 99.995 percent of the eyes that look at it to cause them to bore and look away before they get to the vast majority of the bill, which is all about castrating the President and sparking war with Russia.

If you did not see this bill when I posted it yesterday, SCROLL DOWN to the headline "FREAKY NEW BILL PASSED THE SENATE". Clearly, America is a nation under siege and they absolutely CAN ram this bill through, right over Trump's veto if they get a super majority, and with 98 percent voting YES in the senate, it looks like it will be a done deal when it hits the house.

The top headline here, is directly related to this topic so it should be read also.

July 24 posts start here


The story about the pastor getting inside information about a sudden removal of Trump is true. The rest of what Sorcha posted is true. I studied all of this, and even posted the bill Sorcha is talking about this morning, with explanations for how to get to the meat of that bill without spending days. DOOM ON, a couple of today's posts are AWFUL.


Earlier today I posted a new bill that already passed the Senate and is headed for the House. It is basically an open declaration of war on Russia and Iran, that ties the hands of President Trump and makes him a helpless forced accomplice in anything that happens. It appears they are going for a super majority so it cannot be overriden with a veto. Well, I came across a Sorcha report (we all know about Sorcha) but this time, a large portion of it was actually true. I fact checked this, and it is BANG ON. And that has me about ready to need a change of shorts. Take a look at this quote:

From Sorcha, at (and don't message me scolding me for posting Sorcha, because this is actually accurate:-)

"Following that meeting with President Trump, this report continues, Pastor Howard-Browne, yesterday, revealed to his global congregation that he had spent three hours (from 9:30 in the evening until 12:30am) with a senior ranking member of the US Congress, and whose conversation he described as: "He said there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the president out, I said you mean by impeachment or by indictment – he said no, to take him out, he will be removed suddenly from office."

Pastor Howard-Browne, this report notes, further revealed that this senior US Congressman had been in office since 1996 and had, also, warned him "there's nothing we can do to stop it" - and whose plot to do so was being planned by the "Deep State" that has been trying to destroy President Trump since the very day he won the presidency.

Of the greatest crime committed by President Trump against his "Deep State" enemies necessitating his "sudden removal", this report details, is his plan to end all illegal US wars of aggression so that he can use the trillions-of-dollars spent on this madness to rebuild his own nation - with one of his own top military leaders, Special Operations Command Chief of the US Army General Raymond Thomas III, acknowledging that American forces are fighting in a sovereign Syria where they will likely have no ability to stay if their presence is questioned in terms of international law, and General Thomas adding: "We're bad day away from Russians asking, Why are you still in Syria?"

As the MoFA reported yesterday too (see our article New US Law To Remove Trump From Power And Declare War On Russia "Will Be Met By Force"), this report notes, President Trump's "Deep State" enemies are just days away from passing a new law that will effectively, and for the first time in American history, remove him from having power over his own military and foreign policy - and that even the European Union is now warning the Americans that it "will retaliate within days" if this law takes effect.

MY COMMENT: This morning I posted the new bill that would certainly mean war with Russia and castrate Trump by forcing him to be subservient to Congress when I never thought that could be done. The branches are supposed to be separate. Now we have a popular American preacher that says they are going to "take Trump out". The final paragraph of the Sorcha report is also probably true:

" President Trump's only pathway to survival, this report concludes, is if he can rally tens-of-millions of armed American citizens to his defense when this overthrow takes place, as President Recep Erdogan had done during the Obama-CIA 2016 coup d'etat attempt to remove him from power - and that Trump eerily predicted just a year ago, in July 2016, when he cryptically Tweeted: "Looks like a military coup is underway in Turkey. They're taking their country back! Will be the same in the US soon if I'm President!"

My comment:

If this happens, we had damn well better lock and load, because the deep state will then prove that it will not allow a peaceful solution to the problems we voted for Trump to solve. And if you did not read that bill I posted this morning, scroll down and take a look, and at least search the terms I said to search so you can spot read it. It is a devastating bill that probably will be rammed through with a super majority.