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Jim Stone

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Dec. 17, 2013



How the NSA destroyed the economy

Jim Stone, Dec 17 2013


Washington´s Blog did an absolutely brilliant write up about how the NSA has dealt their own nation an economic death blow with their mass surveillance. Here is a comment on the article:


"Did the idiots at the NSA have no clue that they would kill the US economy if they vacuumed up every electronic transaction on earth? And then allowed it to be used for political and economic purposes?


They just did - self inflicted gunshot wound to the head....


Do you think any foreign government or company will use any US software or computer hardware in the future? Of course they will not. Not only that, but they won't even connect to US based networks.


Cloud computing? dead. IBM? dead. Apple? dead. Microsoft? dead. Oracle? dead. Adobe? dead. Facebook, Twitter, Google, HP? You got it.


Thanks NSA, you just killed the only functioning part of the US economy.


My own input into this topic:


Though when I was at the NSA the targets were mostly Russia and China, the Israelis were given free reign of any system they wanted, and because I was ignorant at the time, I helped the Israelis get whatever information they wanted when they were there. So Israel has always been able to walk right into any NSA facility and get VIP treatment and full use of the equipment. This is really spooky, because President Bush walked through my facility as well, and we hid EVERYTHING from him, he had a pre assigned course through the facility that was followed to the letter. We made sure he got to see lots of blinking lights while never having a chance of getting a clue as to what was really going on there. Why then, was Israel, a foreign country given free reign when even our own President was not? Interesting question, eh?




One time, the only thing the Israelis were there for was to track a drug shipment coming up to America from Colombia. I assumed they cared about keeping drugs out of America, but now that I know who really runs the drug trade, it's a safe bet they were only tracking their competition.


And now I can make another good bet as to what the NSA evolved to do for Israel - rape and rob NON JEWISH companies of all their secrets, and hand them to the Israelis. It's no wonder why ALL the communications companies are all Jewish owned now, and no wonder at all why all the software companies, media groups, tech firms, EVERYTHING is Jewish now, because they used the NSA to steal EVERY NON JEWISH COMPANY'S SECRETS and subsequently destroy the competition. NO company can survive having hostile forces know who all their key employees are, all their marketing plans, all their inventions, their finances, EVERYTHING. Absolutely NO ONE can survive this, and I firmly believe that abuse of the NSA's power is the sole reason why the Jews now dominate all spheres of American business.


Now that I have added my perspective, take a look at this - I am sending you straight to Washington's blog without posting what he said here, he did excellent work with this and you really should read it there. CLICK HERE