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Government Workers Going Along with Tyranny is not Safe

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Feb. 19, 2012

History is getting ready to repeat itself again. This is a message for all the corrupt bureaucrats, Government agents, police, sheriffs deputies and the elected peace officers and the Military. Have you been told you are special and your future is secure by the Federal goverment if you go along with the agenda? Were you given all these nice military toys and grant money for being useful to them? The truth is, you are all useful fools to the higher ranking people. Even the upper echelon are just as much useful idiots just as much as the Police officer who believes the lies told to them.


What about the vote riggers, the mayors, city council, the county commissioners, the state legislators, state governors, the national guard, and state bureaucracies. They are told to steal elections to keep the status quo or they are blackmailed. They are told to keep quiet about these plans. They are to do what they are told. If they do that, then everything will be alright and nothing bad will happen to them. These people can be corrupt, incompetent or just plain yes-men or ladies being a good typical government worker. At all levels of goverment please take heed to my words and warnings. 


Please study the history of tyrannies and dictatorships. You will be shocked to find out that tyrants use all the people to get them into power. What happens next? Do they have a nice banquet and a award ceremony in their honor to give a token of appreciation from the despot. Will he say "thanks" telling all of you, without all of you helping him. He could not get into power?. Think again please and listen to me. First, the Dictator sees you all as a threat to his power. How can all these people who helped him be a threat to him. You may be a hardcore supporter of the Dictator being loyal, willing to fight for your corrupt leader. So does that make you safe from the will of a madman in power?


Here is the truth, It is one thing to jail and murder off the opposition. Now here are the real facts never told to you. You may hear about concentration camps and execution squads killing off the peasants. So you may want to know where I am going with this? Do you know tyrannies purge their own too? Yes, I mean kill off their most loyal people. Why? Here is the reason. You all know too much of the crimes and what is going on inside the system. It is one thing to have activists telling the truth what is going on. You, on the other hand will confirm what the patriot is saying. The tyrant cannot have a person like you knowing all this because even all you folks like to brag about the criminal act committed in his name. The dictator cannot risk having you around because your loose lips might sink his ship. He cannot have people who know too much running around for too long.


Tyrannies have no loyalties to anyone, They have no gratitude or honor. Their only goal is to stay in power and in control over the population. When the communists took over places like China, Russia, Cambodia, Cuba and other totalitarian regimes. They always kill off the people who help him get into power. The people inside the system that helped him overthrow the previous government. The military officers and executioners. Almost everyone gets murdered. No one is the tyrannical system Everyone is expendable. Is this a long term consequence anyone is willing to take who is going along with this corrupt system?


All I can conclude is, do not accept a false sense of security going along with this tyranny. They will not take care of you. They will not keep their promises to you. They have every intention of getting rid of the people inside the system once they have been used for their objectives. If they lie to the people with propaganda, they will lie to all of you too. The end justifies the means. All then people inside the system better make a choice real soon. We have a chance each day to do what is right. I hope you all stand down and do not buy into the corruption because we all lose and there is no winners in the end.