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Bush Is Given His Orders By Israel's Elite Get Rid Of Fallon Or We Will

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Bush Is Given His Orders By Israel's Elite

'Get rid of Admiral Fallon or we will.'


Admiral William Fallon, The Resigning Commander Of CENTCOM


Head Of Forces In Iraq And Afghanistan


Admiral Fallon Is Forced To Resign



Bush Says Fallon Is Not A Team Player


Fallon Won't Back A Maniac And His Plans For WW3


Fallon Was To Be A Fall Guy

Zionists want control of the Middle East's oil, and they want a war with Iran, as well as one with Syria. Admiral Fallon was put in charge of CentCom so there would be no questions as to a Israeli/Neo-Con conspiracy behind starting the war with Iran.

However, Fallon blocked Bush, and now he is out.






Fallon's background

Fallon was born in East Orange, New Jersey, where he went to Camden Catholic High School, and graduated from Villanova University. He received his naval commission through the Navy ROTC Program, and was designated a Naval Flight Officer.

Fallon is a graduate of the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, and the National War College in Washington, D.C. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in International Studies from Old Dominion University.1








Fallon's Naval Career

He flew the RA-5C Vigilante, and A-6, in a combat deployment to Vietnam. He has logged more than 1,300 carrier-arrested landings and 4,800 flight hours in tactical jet aircraft.

Fallon commanded Attack Squadron 65 in the 1991 Operation Desert Storm. Next, he was a naval commander of a carrier group in the Balkans conflict. Nominated for his fourth star, he became the 31st Vice Chief of Naval Operations in October of 2000.

He was then nominated and confirmed for assignment as the Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command and U.S. Atlantic Fleet from October 2003 to February 2005. 








He Was A Carrier Pilot On The Saratoga

Fallon was a young US Naval Officer serving aboard the US Aircraft Carrier Saratoga in June, 1967, when Israel launched a surprise war against its Arab neighbors. He saw the valiant F-4 Phantom pilots rocket off the Saratoga to save the crew of the USS Liberty, only to return 15 minutes later. Heroic pilots getting out of their jets, smashed their helmets on the deck, and called Admiral McCain a treacherous bastard.  2

Some of the USS Liberty's wounded were airlifted to the Saratoga.







Took Over In Iraq From Abazaid  


General Abazaid, a Neocon 'Soup du Jour' general, who is a Lebanese Christian Maronite. He grandson of Christian Lebanese immigrants.

John Abizaid, 52,  replaced Tommy Franks.








Fallon Was In Charge Of General Petraeus - 'The Perfumed Prince'

The General picked to succeed Admiral Fallon is a Zionist, who spends his tour in a Baghdad palace, in the fortified Green Zone.








Fallon Questioned Mysterious Bombings

He quickly sniffed out the brutal market attacks, university bombs, and civilian attacks, as the work of a third party. The assassination of Iraq's intelligentsia by Death Squads was an obvious genocide that only benefited Israel.









US Soldiers Ambushed

Fallon was not a bagel-munching Neo-con flunky. He became irate over the numerous sophisticated ambushes of American troops.







Bush Sends Eight Carriers To Iraq

Bush ordered eight carriers to steam to Iraq, and Fallon sniffed an attack.  






The Sacrificial Lamb

After Bush requested the soon-to-be-retired, 46 year-old Kitty Hawk, to the Straights of Hormuz, Fallon had his fill.

He, and fellow officers, were not going to be part of that crew dying like the sailors of the USS Liberty.







The Unquestionable Commander

When history books are written about WW3 and the Persian Gulf false-flag carrier attack, you need an impeccable commander.  Tommy Franks is a grandson of a Russian Zionist immigrant, who arranged security for the Baghdad museum looting. General Abazaid was a Semitic Christian Maronite. These wouldn't do.

Admiral Fallon, a soldier's soldier, was picture perfect.








Recent Action In Lebanon

The 2006 Israeli massacre in Lebanon to gain control of the Nahr al-Bared airbase, the Israeli assassinations of four top Lebanese leaders, and the arrival of Aegis class ships, all spelled a coming conflict.









Elliot Abrams

Zionists have top Neo-Con Elliot Abrams fomenting crises among Israel's neighbor. America is supplying foreign fighters in Gaza, and the Fatah Al-Islam in Lebanon.







Gates, The Secretary Of Defense

On March 11, 2008, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced the resignation of Fallon as CentCom Commander. He stated that Fallon's reason for resigning centered around his disregard of American policy towards Iran.







Will Zionists Seek Revenge?

There appears to be a lot of discord in our military ranks, and maybe a message will be sent. Would the Zionists kill an admiral? They killed a Secretary of Defense.






One Step Closer To Iran

Admiral William Fallon's resignation as U.S. commander in the Middle East provoked criticism that President George W. Bush won't tolerate dissent, and fed speculation his Iran policy could become more confrontational.