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No Rest For The Wicked

Ken Welch

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by Ken Welch in Houston

December 14-18, 2007

Repeating a situation that has become much too familiar, I waited with everyone else for a false-flag nuclear explosion over the 2007 Thanksgiving holiday. The warning signs had been clear, we had tracked the project for months, and there was no indication at all that the operation might have been called off. Yet once again nothing happened.

To find the truth of the matter would require patience, since there were no scheduled appearances for anyone from the Bush administration during the holiday period. That delay could also limit the amount of information available, because the majority of speech reversals relate to issues that are fresh. An intense reaction to the failure like we saw from Bush after this year's Easter fiasco could be three or four days in the past, leaving only small hints for R/S to pick up later.

Lucky for us, Bush's first appearance in front of the cameras again came on Monday, November 26. Several clues point to the previous Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, as the date on which the White House actually attempted to trigger their device. Nonetheless, I'm not sure we would have found the cause of the failure if Israeli Prime Minister Olmert hadn't needed a briefing on it as soon as he arrived for the Annapolis conference.

I.  Thanksgiving Firing Signal Was Jammed

After a great deal of confusion, the U.S. had scheduled a conference on the Israel-Palestine problem for the week following Thanksgiving.  It was a puzzling affair because, as a number of observers pointed out, the U.S. had nothing to put on the table that might lead to progress.  Nonetheless, the Annapolis conference attracted many key attendees and was later billed as a huge success.  If the Thanksgiving attack had been successful, the meeting would either have been canceled, or the participants would have been forced to deal with a new reality that included a decimated Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian President Abbas arrived on Monday, the 26th, and each was the subject of a photo opportunity at the White House.  Olmert apparently received a face-to-face briefing on the failed attack, and gives us the key details in his speech reversals.  Abbas spoke through an interpreter and there was no opportunity for R/S there.  The two events were close together, so I've included Bush's reversals from both events in the same segment.

The most exciting reversed speech often comes amidst noisy backgrounds, and this case is no exception.  The whirring and clicking of mechanical cameras is so bad that I had serious difficulty in determining what the men were saying in their forward speech, and had to refer to the official transcripts.  Oddly enough the reversed speech was easier to understand, although you must still concentrate more than usual to make it out.






George W. Bush, Israeli PM Olmert

Photo Events for Olmert and

Palestinian President Abbas

White House

November 26, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip:


Fwd:  "Mr. Prime Minister, welcome."



Fwd:  "And I thank you for the efforts that you, President, made..."




Fwd:  "...a great hope for our people."



Fwd:  "...and then on to Annapolis tomorrow. And I want to thank you for coming. Wish you all the very best."




Obviously, the most important information is contained within the first four reversals.  They DID attempt to fire the weapon, and it WAS located in the Houston area just as we had determined.  But the most interesting part of this is that both men refer to JAMMING as the reason for the failure.

This is the first time that we have evidence of someone actually working against the conspirators, because jamming is not a passive event.  I sincerely doubt that Bush chose the word himself.  Technical people would have been compelled to provide an explanation of why they could not get a signal through to the bomb, and one must assume they chose this word for a reason.

The existence of an active and effective opposing force led me to send out a statement about the Thanksgiving Miracle that pointed out the possibility of non-terrestrial involvement, something that has been rumored for years.  Essentially, if you were close enough to the cable in question to actually identify it, you would simply cut it if you wanted to block the signal.  Jamming a single cable from a distance, without disrupting electronics and communications for miles around, is currently beyond known human capabilities.  It would also have had to go on for hours as technical specialists at the White House (and Pentagon?  NSA?) worked to overcome the jamming of a system that had certainly checked out fine only a day or two before.  Of course, readers will prefer to make their own conclusions, and I won't have anything more to say about this unless more clues show up in reversed speech.

A major difference between this and previous failures was that speech reversals over the following days did not produce any signs of great anger or references to disaster.  Olmert's reversal "WE FIX IT" seems to have set the tone for the whole affair.  The White House saw the situation only as a technical problem that could be solved.  I thought they would be forced to reconsider their chances for success, but apparently they are slow learners.  This means that they will try to recycle the attack plan as quickly as possible.

"BOMB DEPENDS UPON AN ARROW" necessarily refers to the second device which is intended for a false-flag detonation in Iraq.  "Arrow" is the common jargon for a missile and the original plan, as we pieced it together several months ago, depended on the false claim that Iran had fired a nuclear-armed missile at the Falcon base near Fallujah.  I'll be presenting more information about that below.

One revealing note in this set of reversals is Olmert's unconscious comment about the Israeli citizens he supposedly represents.  "THEY'RE SCARED SLAVES," he tells us.  This is the reality that I have mentioned before.  The Zionist government in Israel has used terror to manipulate Jews since its inception, and continues to do so today.  They are told virtually every day that they or their loved ones are about to be murdered, and everything possible is done to maintain the total image of ceaseless conflict with an unrelenting sub-human enemy.

This of course is the hallmark of the Fascist state, and you can certainly see it at work in the U.S. and the U.K.  No one wants to believe that they are sacrificing their blood or prosperity simply to enrich corporate treasuries.  You have to have that terrifying enemy or the program simply won't work.  As for slaves, well, this is true in a multitude of ways, and becomes more true as each day goes by.

II.  False Flag Coincidence?

In several incidents involving known false-flag operations in the U.S. we've seen government assets conveniently positioned near the scene by apparent coincidence, ready to play a role as the event unfolds.  This included FEMA pre-positioning for the original 9/11 event, and radiological monitoring teams on Galveston island in early 2006 when a nuclear device was brought into Galveston Bay by ship.  In an interesting twist a pilotless surveillance drone arrived in Houston the day before Thanksgiving and was discovered and filmed by a local television news team.   (see video)

The small drone is known as ScanEagle when sold to the military.  It's a product of the rather secretive Insitu Corporation, has a ten-foot wingspan and can remain aloft for at least 20 hours.  It sends good quality video back to its controllers, and can carry additional monitoring instruments, etc. It was reported to be in Houston for evaluation by the Houston Police Department.  Although the demonstration took place on Wednesday, November 21, one assumes that it was still operational on Friday morning when the perfect conditions existed for the nuke that was hidden in the Port of Texas City to be detonated.

Although there were plenty of news and police helicopters in the air that morning available to provide television coverage of the disaster, it is unlikely that any helicopter pilot, police or civilian, would have willingly flown very close to an area likely filled with a streaming cloud of radioactive fallout to assess damage or report on evacuations.  The ScanEagle drone would have been the perfect tool for this.

Once their test was discovered, the Houston P.D. convened a hasty press conference to explain their involvement (see link above) and a spokeswoman listed the possible uses for the aircraft.  Although the news people were focused on privacy issues and airborne traffic citations, the first two items on HPD's list were "mobility and evacuations."

III.  Propaganda Streams Suddenly Reverse Direction

Americans who did not know of the critical events that took place (or failed to take place) over the Thanksgiving holiday were baffled to see major changes in the mass media propaganda stream during the following week.  Each failure in the past has triggered changes like this, either to reflect a new plan or simply to create breathing room while a new plan can be devised.  Like the chorus line at the famed Radio City Music Hall, the so-called "news" outlets simply locked arms and pivoted around a central point, ending up facing the opposite direction while still dancing like mad.

"Iran has no nuclear weapons program after all," we were told.

Then, "For no apparent reason, Israel's government leaders have decided to give up part of Jerusalem and work as quickly as possible to establish an independent nation for Palestinians."

Really?  In exchange for what?

Yes, brothers and sisters, the Ministry of Truth says that Peace Is At Hand.  If you know history, you will recognize this as a rather famous indicator that war is right around the corner.  Yet the essential fact is that both developments were meaningless.  If you ever wondered if the "illuminati" have a sense of humor, here's an interesting tidbit.  The secret code name for the overall plan that included 9/11 and the destruction of both Iraq and Iran and the theft of their oil is... believe it or not...  "The Middle East Peace Process."

As I'm sure you know, much of what has happened to destroy the U.S. Constitution and remove this country from the rule of law is facilitated by extraordinary powers granted to the President by an ongoing State of National Emergency.  It was initiated by co-conspirator Bill Clinton and every year Bush signs a brief statement that extends the state of emergency for another year.  They actually publish it each year on the White House web site.  So, you ask, what is the threat to our nation and our way of life that is so great it has required the complete distortion of the rule of law in the United States?

Answer:  "Threats to the Middle East Peace Process!"

Can you imagine anything more bizarre?  Yet it goes on year after year and no eyebrows are raised.  Obviously, the Middle East Peace Process has little to do with the future of Gaza and the West Bank.  It's much, much larger.  And if you think about it for a moment, you'll realize that the state of Israel is simply following orders from above as it stage-manages the cartoon-like conflicts between itself and its neighbors.  It is no surprise that they were able to turn on a dime when the propaganda direction changed after Thanksgiving.

The need for a military strike on Iran because of the possibility that Iranians might someday develop a nuclear weapon has been a constant theme of U.S. internal propaganda programs since the fall of Baghdad.  But the longer a propaganda theme runs, the greater the number of people who begin to see through it.  Worse, this particular idea was actually in conflict with the actual plans that were put in motion at the same time.  These involve a false-flag nuclear attack that would require a weapon that Iran could not have created in the first place.  So the "discovery" that Iran shut down the program that studied how weapons are made really gives nothing away but a lie that had outlived its usefulness.

It was no problem to let Bush look stupid for a week or so.  He's happy to do whatever he's told.  That's what the Houston oil cartel is paying him for.  And it also reinforces the deception that Peace Is At Hand.  Behind this smokescreen, however, are the two nuclear warheads that the Navy SEALs brought back from Russia.  Chemical and radiological evidence from virtually any event involving nuclear materials quickly identifies the point of origin and would be difficult to hide in the long run.  That's why I found it interesting to see that the next big lie in the sequence was already planted many months ago.

A correspondent forwarded an e-mail from a propaganda rag called Insight Magazine touting an article they had just published.  The article is available only by subscription but the paragraph they used to describe it says everything you need to know.  It refers to disinformation stories that were circulated earlier this year, and attempts to change them from rumors into facts.  The article itself is a planted disinformation piece, as you can immediately see by the reference to the anonymous "intelligence sources" - your instant I.D. for official disinformation.  Here's the bait they dangled for potential subscribers:

"Insight has a bombshell issue this week.  Our cover story is one that directly contradicts this week's National Intelligence Estimate, which concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons development program in 2003.  Intelligence sources tell Insight that not only has Tehran relentlessly pursued a nuclear weapons program, but it already has plutonium-based nukes--six of them in fact.  A sensitive intelligence report given to President Bush says that Iran acquired the nuclear weapons in 1992.  Who sold them to Tehran?  How has Iran been maintaining and secretly hiding them?  Why is the Bush administration reluctant to disclose this information to the public?  Go to to read all of the important details!"

Believe it or not, this publication bills itself as "the Best Political Intelligence Report on the Planet!" The Insight Online editor, Jeff Kuhner, must laugh all the way to the bank each time the spooks hand him one of these to run through the mill.

By the date provided you can see where this is going.  Iran will be accused of purchasing nukes during the fall of the Soviet Union, and this will explain why the nuclear weapons they will be accused of using will be identifiable as Soviet-made.  There was no report given to the President, of course.  The article is actually trying to jog your memory of disinfo pieces that were circulated on the web.  If you remember them, you'll recall that the number of nukes they claimed was indeed six.  And for a while there, the super-gullible were being told that six American cities were to be destroyed at any moment.  From our continuous RS surveillance we know that there are only two; one here and one in Iraq.

But check this out: the number of missiles that Navy Intelligence Management attempted to hijack from Minot Air Force Base at the beginning of August was SIX.  Just how strongly do you believe in coincidence these days?


In our series of reports, which I have grouped under the name Iran Invasion Recycled, we have followed a series of incredible events all hidden from public view.  Houston's agents in the White House and the Pentagon had been planning the next 9/11 for September, 2007, when without much warning, their whole scheme fell to pieces.  Twin disasters had them scrambling for a solution.

In August and September this website revealed so many details about the plan to use phosgene gas as a "weapon of mass destruction" on five American cities the whole program had to be abandoned.  (See Report 1, Report 2)

During the same period, General David Petraeus and other military commanders in Iraq informed Houston, via the White House, that the Army had lost control of Anbar Province and the oil fields there, which were the sole objective of the Iraq campaign in the first place.  In investigating the attempted hijackings of two nuclear-armed B-52 bombers from Minot Air Force Base we learned that Petraeus's solution was to nuke the city of Fallujah while Bush hinted that the city of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar, would also be hit.

As we pieced the plan together, it was obvious that the attacks would be blamed on Iran.  Since there was no reason for Iran to do such a thing, it could only happen during the first hours of the Iran invasion and would be portrayed as a reflexive last gasp by the Iranians - an attempt to hit American bases in Iraq before their missiles were destroyed by enemy action.  Since this was the only moment such a deception might work, the Iran invasion itself would have to be postponed until the nukes were available.  It was this delay that forced the invasion and a false-flag trigger event to be moved back to the Thanksgiving holiday in late November.

The President cannot simply order his generals to fire nukes at targets in Iraq (or anywhere else) since extraordinary control measures track and massively document everything that happens to a nuclear weapon.  Therefore, the nukes would have to be hijacked, purchased, or obtained in some other off-the-books manner to preserve the long-term secrecy of the plan.  When the Minot AFB hijackings failed, this web site's readers quickly learned about the SEAL team sent to Russia to obtain nukes under the table, and the fact that two nuclear artillery shells (circa 1950) had been brought back.

Our reporting after this focused on the use of one of those weapons here in the U.S. for the false-flag triggering event.  This has been our highest priority since we discovered the first attempt early last year.  Nonetheless, we recorded many occurrences of the words "nuke" and "missile" that clearly did not relate to the warhead that was to be used in Texas.  The missile reference was somewhat puzzling in itself.  The Fallujah nuke must be detonated in the air to get the most city-killing effect from a small device, but in the confusion surrounding an invasion of Iran, it could simply be dropped by an aircraft and it is unlikely that anyone would challenge the story of a missile.

It soon became apparent, however, that the Pentagon was not going to take the easy path.  If the story required a missile, it seemed they were determined to provide one.  In the sound clip below you will hear a typical reference that, unlike others, provided additional information about the missile itself.  The unconscious mind is often very literal, in a simplistic way, so the phrase "A BIG OLD MISSILE" is probably telling you just what it says: the missile is quite large and it could also be considered old.

Notice that by early November when this particular event took place, Junior had already been rocked several times by the reversed speech we had published, had experienced sleepless nights because of it, and was getting nervous about speaking in public.  The donors to our project sure get their money's worth!






George W. Bush Welcomes French

President Nicolas Sarkozy

November 8, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip:

Fwd:  "...we talked about Iran."





Fwd:  Using military force - supported by France


Eleven days after the false-flag failure in Texas, Junior was forced to hold a press conference to deal with the report that said Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program.  Many people will remember how badly he seemed to handle the question of why he still thought Iran was a danger.  If their plan succeeds, Junior will be able to say that he knew all along that Iran had purchased Russian nukes long ago but for some reason he just couldn't say so.

It was a lengthy affair and an obviously exhausted Bush provided so many reversals that at this date we still haven't processed them all.  Unfortunately, several that popped up right away made it clear that the false-flag nuke plan in Iraq was still operational.  Worse, Houston had not given up on invading Iran.  In Junior's mind, the two were still linked.

This caused some urgent debate at Ken-Welch.Com because a key part of the picture seemed to be missing.  If we were to be told that Iran had suddenly elected national suicide by launching a nuke at an American base in Iraq, what possible reason would the Iranians have for doing such a stupid thing?  It was just barely conceivable at Thanksgiving that Iran might be involved with the nuke in Texas as some sort of crazy protest of the Annapolis conference to be held the following week.  Indeed, they test-fired a new longer-range missile on the day the conference opened, an obvious statement.

It took a while, but the answer finally snapped into focus.  We had been fixated on the original story (missile fired while being invaded) and hadn't seen how the story would have to change.  It would not be the Iranians firing the missile.  Instead, it would be Condi Rice's magical Al Qaeda terrorists.  The missile would be launched from some deserted area inside of Iraq (probably leaving a record on someone's radar or a drone's video stream) and the White House would simply claim that Iran had supplied the Russian warhead as part of their support for anti-American terrorism.  That would be all Bush would need, and the invasion of Iran would inexorably follow.

And as far as Junior was concerned, it couldn't happen a moment too soon.  "IRAQ - WE SHOOT - HURRY, JESUS" all contained within a single short phrase before the press conference even got around to Iran was pretty scary.






George W. Bush

White House Press Conference

December 4, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip:

Fwd:  Congress still has a lot to do


Fwd:  n/a


Fwd:  n/a


Fwd:  Iran could still be a danger to the world



Fwd:  A "restarted program" would be dangerous






Fwd:  Pressuring the Iranian regime



Fwd:  If Iran shows up with a nuclear weapon



In the final reversal above we see the full plan resurfacing after the Thanksgiving failure.  Certainly Junior wants to use the Iraq nuke - it's needed to regain control of Anbar Province - but once again the nuke is merely the trigger for a great battle that must follow, the invasion of Iran.  He has referred to this objective as "the battle" many times, and there's simply no other way to look at it.  This was disappointing because I had hoped that after so many setbacks, and with time running out, Houston might settle for Iraq and leave Iran for another day.

The fact that Junior now describes the missile as a ROCKET and that they were "FUELING IT" pretty much identifies the weapon that is to be used.  The old SCUD missiles, copies of a Russian design based on the original German V2 are indeed larger than more modern weapons, liquid fueled, and certainly available to the U.S. Army that now owns everything Saddam may have left behind.

The existence of the missile was so clear, and Junior's desire to use it so strong that these reversals led me to reluctantly raise our alert status back to red.  I made the change on December 7, and sent out a notice to all our readers.  However, I didn't feel I could send out a true War Warning without some idea of the intended date.  If it were up to Bush, the missile would have been launched already.  But Bush is a puppet of Houston and has never been allowed to make important decisions.

One interesting discovery in these reversals is "THE TEST - THEY'RE SORRY."  It tells us that we missed something.  Something about our understanding of the sequence of events is probably not quite right, and perhaps we'll find out some day what it was.

V.  Two Confirmations From Iraq

In previous incidents involving the failure of one of these false-flag attack plans we have seen key players from the administration fanning out around the globe as soon as a new plan is formulated.  In the week following the Annapolis conference we observed the same pattern.  Secretary of Defense Gates journeyed to Iraq and elsewhere, with the term "surprise visit" continuously popping up in news reports.

In Iraq, none of his "official" business seemed to merit an urgent trip, so it is fair to assume that he was coordinating the new attack plan.  We obtained audio from an appearance in Baghdad and explored it carefully for revealing speech reversals.  RS from Gates is problematic - he's a strange bird and his reversals are often fragmentary.  His voice is odd as well, and tends to break up when you work with it.  Nonetheless the clues were there.

Naturally he stuck with the LIES about positive results in Iraq, which he candidly refers to as a MESS.  The tip-off about a secret operation came early with "I RUN A SLY FEAT."

He also tells us about the current status of the missile on December 5.  SCUDs on their transporters are notoriously hard to find (Experts say we never found any of them in the Gulf War) and "BE UNDER A NET" paints the typical picture.  The missile and it's transporter are out in the desert somewhere, hidden by camouflage netting, waiting for the moment when they will be on center stage.

Although the connection is not strong, "SEE IT" followed by "THEN THE LIE" may be telling us how they plan to orchestrate the attack if the SCUD is to be the centerpiece of the show and not a covert operation during the invasion.  It would not be difficult to alert the news media that "intelligence sources" had gotten wind of an Al Qaeda missile ploy, send aircraft to pretend to search for it, and relay live video of it being launched just as it is "discovered." Now that would be terrific television!  Where, oh where, will it land?  What kind of warhead is it carrying?  How many will die tonight?






Sec. Defense Robert Gates

Baghdad, Iraq

December 5, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip:

Fwd:  Everything is wonderful in Iraq



Fwd:  70,000 Iraqis defending their neighborhoods

Rev:  LIES



Fwd:  Positive developments

Rev:  SEE IT


After much hunting, a correspondent located a brief interview with General David Petraeus that seemed to be filmed the following day.  General "Betray-Us" also mentions the missile and the deception that is being put in motion.  His RS indicates that he is running the SCUD missile operation, and we learn that the old Russian nuke, in its current incarnation, arrived already built into a complete nose-cone assembly for the SCUD.

"TERROR MY LIE" could refer to the whole Iraq theater in which U.S. mercenaries and intelligence agents posing as Arabs (ordered to cease operations in late September) and Iraqi resistance fighters are all lumped together as terrorists.  However, it is obvious that it is the false-flag missile attack that is on his mind, so we can assume this refers to the claim that the SCUD will be fired by Al Qaeda if it is to be a stand-alone event.  An "ARMY BASE," almost certainly camp Falcon, will be suggested as the "terrorists" target.

I am very concerned about the word "DOSE" appearing in this context, along with the later mention of the "RAD METER." A Rad meter, or radiation counter, is like the old Geiger Counter, a device for measuring nuclear radiation or radioactive exposure levels.  Apparently, Petraeus has been looking at one as the Army secretly prepares to issue them for the new nuclear environment.  I'm concerned that Petraeus has decided to sacrifice U.S. soldiers at the Falcon base by knowingly exposing them to radiation injury or death.  Although the missile will be sent to it's true target (we believe Fallujah), wind direction at the time will tell us if the Falcon base was deliberately dosed to make the story look good.

It is said that he has expressed the ambition to become President some day.  He clearly worships POWER and seems to be in a hurry to advance his version.  Can you imagine our current situation made even worse with Betray-Us in the White House as some kind of uniformed El Supremo?  Wouldn't that be a nightmare!






Gen. David Petraeus

Interview - Iraq

December 6, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip:

Fwd:  We just keep slogging away



Fwd:  Proud of efforts




Fwd:  Success in Iraq



Rev:  DOSE

Fwd:  All of us in Iraq...


VI.  Summary - A Time Of Extreme Danger

We have now followed both of the two Russian nukes that were brought back by the SEAL team in early October.  You know from the first section above that the White House attempted to trigger one of those weapons near Houston during the Thanksgiving holiday.  We do not know what became of it, but indications are that the White House believes they experienced a communicatons problem and the warhead itself can still be used.

The second warhead is now sitting atop an old SCUD missile somewhere in the empty sands of Iraq and destined to be launched at an Iraqi city in Anbar Province.  Since we don't have a date, or any indications for delay, we must assume that this could happen at any time.  The claim that the missile was fired by terrorists supplied by Iran would be sufficient in itself to trigger an invasion of that country and the seizure of the world's second largest proven oil reserves.

The Houston-based oil cartel that owns the White House and thereby controls the full military might of the United States, is now in the best position it has ever been to achieve its objectives.  They have not one, but two nukes to play with, thereby creating a redundancy they've never had before.  They can return to the Thanksgiving scenario or go with the Iraq missile all by itself.  They clearly place no significance on the fact they've been successfully blocked in this endeavor four times in a row.

At the time of this writing, each new day is just that more likely to be the day the balloon goes up.  However, we are fast approaching Christmas.  The lure of dates that reinforce the illusion of religious war is known to be almost irresistible to Houston, which can use that concept to go from Iraq, to Iran, to Sudan and more in a succession of resource grabs completely cloaked by illusion.

The only thing to do now is wait - and keep an ear open for any reversals that deal with timing.