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Government Fraud Us Government

Senate leaders see two-year budget deal within their grasp

FISA-Gate: The Plot To Destroy Our Republic

DOJ warns release of House Intel memo on FBI, Clinton campaign could ‘harm national security’ [EXPOSE 7TH FLOOR FBI DIV 5]

What the FBI/FISA Memo Really Tells Us About Our Government

American Coup

Nunes Memo Alleges Page FISA Warrants Left Out Investigative Ties to Dems

The following is the HPSCI MEMO of 01/18/18 that was declasified from TOP SECRET to UNCLASSIFIED and then released this 2nd day of February, 2018

BLM to Remove Horses to “Protect Land,” Gives Protected Land Away to Miners in Gold-Rush Style Grab

The Best Explanation of What the FISA Memo Says, What It Means and How Mueller Will Be Destroyed

Threats and Intimidation – Courtesy of Your US Forest Service

The State of Our Union: A House Divided, Enslaved & Mired in the Mistakes of the Past

Charlie Daniels Soapbox Rewind

The Russiagate Stakes Are Extreme

The Corrupt DOJ-FBI Swamp - [Was assassination planned during the 5 month 'missing test' time frame?]


The Responsibility to Protect the World … from the United States

Losing Control of the American Fear Machine

Senate Witch-Hunt Russiagate Investigation Expands. Where are We Heading??

Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL) described the FBI and the Department of Justice as “off the rails” and suggested the possibility of a “purge” at the FBI and DoJ.

Polls Increasingly Confirming that America Is a Dictatorship