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Fake “science guy” Bill Nye teams up with Resident Biden in video to sell America a false bill of goods called an “infrastructure bill”

SORCHA FAAL: Crash Test Dummy Biden Explodes Every Geopolitical Stupid-O-Meter In Sight

Your bank accounts are at risk . . .

URGENT: They're trying to slip this through . .

Naomi Wolf to Fauci: Prepare for investigations when your 'friends' lose power

GOP accuses Garland of politicizing Department of Justice

Joe Biden Caught In ANOTHER Disgusting Lie: Biden Tells Crowd His Delaware Home Was Razed to The Ground ‘with my wife in it’ ...It Was Actually A Small Kitchen Fire

Left-wing pundit declares: Biden presidency 'on the brink of failure'

Biden to Transfer Power to VP Harris

Biden may nominate Kamala to Supreme Court, giving him chance to replace her as VP: Insider rumor

SORCHAFAAL: Biden “Kamikaze Mission” Prompts Trump To Warn “We’re Not Going to Have A Country In 3 Years”

Watch - Unelected Creeper Biden in NH and one or two people clap...nobody showed up to watch him -

'We're taking down the Biden regime': Steve Bannon surrenders to FBI

Steve Bannon Surrenders After Indictment

SORCHA FAAL: “Grambo” Crashes Into “Great Narrative” After “Playing With Fire” Warning Issued To Biden

Harris mocked for using fake French accent while talking to French scientists

Revealed: “Build Back Better Act” will grant amnesty to seven million illegal immigrants

As Biden Approval Plummets, a Red Wave Awaits

SORCHAFAAL: Biden Fails To Remember “My Offer Is This: Nothing” Mafia Warning

Infrastructure bill passes, 13 Republicans Vote “YES” alongside Democrats