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Democratic Disconnect: While British Voters Flock to ‘No Deal’ Brexit Party, PM May Offers Second Referendum


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Apparently having failed to learn the lesson of her party being trounced in the polls by Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, British Prime Minister Theresa May has further distanced herself from the British public by setting the process in motion for a second referendum.

Making her pitch to Parliament Tuesday afternoon to pass her thrice-rejected Withdrawal Agreement when it is put before the house for a fourth time next month, embattled British Prime Minister offered a second referendum as a bribe to buy votes from her political colleagues.

Among ardent remainers who do not intend to see the results of the first Brexit referendum honoured, a second vote is the preferred method of choice to overturn the original decision and see Brexit cancelled for good. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been calling for a second referendum to cancel the first since 2016.