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Public Information on the “ITNJ”

The ITNJ’s Chief Council is Sir John Walsh of Brannagh. He is a Duke, knighted (hence the title Sir) and thereby linked to the British crown and BAR Association. He is nominated for life.

• Sacha Stone, is commissioner and founder of Humanitad and the ITNJ. Humanitad is an avid supporter of the United Nations agenda ’21-’30 in regards to "sustainability", which is the NWO code word for global eugenics and extermination. The ITNJ is described as “the principal judicial organ of Humanitad and New Earth Trust.” (ie, not an independent investigative body", as it claims to be)

• Sacha Stone’s real name is Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams and is the son of Sir Walter Adams. Sir Walter Adams was a top official in the British establishment. He was also a Rockefeller Fellow and part of the Rockefeller Foundation. Furthermore Adams was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1945 and Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) in 1952 and was knighted in 1970.

• His son Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, aka Sacha Stone, is also good friends with Ciro Orsini and know each other from Sacha’s previous career as a musician. Ciro Orsini was listed as one of the directors of Sacha’s STONE MUSIC COMPANY LIMITED. Ciro Orsini is an offspring of the infamous Italian Orsini family, part of the black nobility. He owns the restaurant chain Pomodoro Pizza, with the main venue located in London. On Pomodoro Pizza’s website they even brag about Orsini’s aristocratic background.

Quote: “The Orsini were one of the most influential Italian noble families in medieval Italy. Members of the Orsini Family include 5 Popes...18 Saints...40 Cardinals and numerous significant political and religious figures. The family can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and goes as far back as the Roman Period, so the blood line is very long, and very strong.”

The Orsini are one of the major crime families linked to the Vatican and the child sacrificial Ninth Circle.


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