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When normal people have trouble sleeping, they read a book or watch television. When lefties have trouble sleeping, they come up with new plans to steal your money and buy votes with it.

Here it's slavery reparations. Since the UK doesn't have slavery, how about millennial reparations?

Should young people in the United Kingdom be given £10,000 ($13,500) when they turn 25? A top think tank says yes.

The proposal from the Resolution Foundation is one of a number of suggestions for reducing inequality between the young and old.

Inequality between the young and old is reduced by the young getting jobs, working, saving money, having their own kids and then getting old.

The £10,000 payment would come with strings attached: Young people would only be allowed to spend it on developing new skills, entrepreneurship, housing or pensions. The payments would cost an estimated £7 billion ($9.5 billion) per year and would be financed by an overhaul of the inheritance tax system.

Translation, we're going to take more money from people who have it and use it to incentivize our voting base into voting for us. Because we're paying them to.

British Millennials and their peers in other developed countries have fallen behind older generations when it comes to wealth, income and home ownership, a trend that politicians have been slow to address in the wake of the global financial crisis.

"We need not just some tinkering, but some big and dramatic solutions," said Matt Whittaker, deputy director at the Resolution Foundation.

Like gulags. Or nationalizing everything.

Lefties love "big and dramatic solutions". The bigger they are, the more power they can grab.

Still, the policy suggestions would not address other structural problems in the UK economy, including slow productivity.

"If we could fix the productivity problem then it would make a lot of the problems that we highlight easier to deal with," said Whittaker.

Fix the economy? That's crazy talk. Everyone knows that we face a future of declines and all we can do is redistribute more wealth. We're never going to see 4 percent growth or below 4 percent unemployment. We need some big, dramatic Socialist solutions. And then we can take all that money and "invest" it in windmills and Muslim integration.