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Queen Elizabeth II. Stolen from Isis, A Crown

Alcuin Bramerton

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April 2, 2012

The Gnostic Illuminati powergroup is of ancient lineage, and through its spokesman, Alexander Romanov (Romanoff), claims to have initiated the American Revolution (1775–83), the French Revolution (1787–1799) and the Russian Revolution (1917). A smaller but related group, The Black Hand Society, led by one of Romanov's close relations, is said to have sparked off The First World War with the assassination of the Hapsburg heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo, Bosnia, on Sunday 28th June 1914.

Alexander Romanov (another picture here) is understood to be the eldest grandson of Anastasia Romanov and the great grandson of Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov (Tsar Nicholas II of Russia).


Contrary to Soviet-era manufactured histories, Anastasia Romanov escaped death during the revolution against her family in Russia, was quietly secreted into what became Yugoslavia, and lived a long, covert and protected life there.


Alexander Romanov, the current heir to the throne of Russia, is also an unrecorded nephew of Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England).


On Tuesday 27th March 2012, on YouTube here (14.12 - 14.23), Alexander Romanov, speaking from Japan, broadcast a message to Queen Elizabeth II of England directly: "Aunt Elizabeth, Isis is very upset. She wants her crown back."

More background here (27.03.12 - YouTube video - 15 mins), here (27.03.12), here (20.02.12) and here (07.01.12 - YouTube video - 7 mins). A series of fifteen short videos made by Alexander Romanov starts here (22.03.12). And there is a lot more about Elizabeth Windsor here (19.10.09).


Picture: Queen Elizabeth II. Stolen from Isis. A crown.