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How Zionism Works - Zionism versus Torahism

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Torahism - the value is teaching people how to fish.

2 Zionism - the profit is in causing conflict.

Torahism - the profit is in resolving conflict.

3 Zionism - developing policies that place people and countries in debt to force to work to pay back loans at high interest rates.

Torahism - providing the environment to stimulate the desire to work for mutual benefit.

4 Zionism - Health - the profit is in curing people of illness.

Torahism - Health - the profit is in teaching how to prevent illness.

5 Zionism - leverage is the way to negotiate agreements.

Torahism - long term implications have priority over short term benefits.

6 Zionism - the profit is in selling information.

Torahism - the profit is in teaching how to benefit from information.

7 Zionism - bulk up e-mail as tax and insurance will be levied on e-mail content.

Torahism - minimise the size of e-mail as interplanetary communication is the real problem.


How Zionism works in Australia.


Circa 1986 two of my five sons used their life savings as a deposit on a house. They were paying them off when interest rates were artificially lifted by the ‘Reserve Bank’ (courtesy of Hawke and Keating) from 6 per cent to 17.5 per cent. My sons and many thousands of others were dispossessed and many farmers murdered their families before committing suicide.

N.B. In subsequent years, the Minister for Housing, Jocelyn Newman, still allocated only a pittance for Housing. Howard and company have destroyed some two million two-parent families over the last fifty years. They give grants of $14,000, $7,000 etc., but when the ‘Reserve Bank of Australia’(?) raises interest to extremes they recoup it all back.

All my sons divorced and two of my grand-daughters were raped by their 'second' father. Their 'ability to move up the classes' was destroyed by the moneylenders. In Australia all politicians pay minimal interest and all are landlords. They destroy families in order to keep up a ready supply of 'tenants' for their rental properties. By keeping Housing in short supply they profiteer from high re-sale values and make life miserable for ordinary strugglers.

N.B. Last week (October 2003 ) Interest rates were forecast to rise by one per cent. This is enough to put 25 per cent of all home borrowers at risk of losing their life savings.

N.B. The Australian Federal Reserve Bank, which controls interest rates, is NOT an Australian Government Institution. It is run by a group of foreign banks under the auspices of the Rothschild family and friends group of Banks! The whole thing is a swindle ~ as in Pyramid selling!

Two would-be Zionists, American Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer, control the media and the politicians in Australia. The politicians all become millionaires after three terms. They all have been bought by greed and ambition.

Just because they know the truth will never come out, our politicians make laws to suit themselves. From selling off profitable assets which belong to the people, to loan sharking which steals assets from home buyers and small business.

We don’t have to look at Iraq for weapons of mass destruction. The corrupt laws in Australia destroy all forms of decency. When Andrew Olle exposed rampant prostitution in Queensland, run by Joh Bjelke-Petersen and Peter Beattie, Murdoch’s rag newspaper, ‘The Courier-Mail’, took all the credit for this exposure yet all the time, it was running prostitution ads for ‘Brett’s Boys’ and various other forms of lewd entertainment. Murdoch didn’t bat an eyelid. He arranged for Beattie to become the next Premier of Queensland and it was back to business as usual. Prostitution flourishes all over Queensland (and Australia). As can be seen, putting Beattie in charge of child protection is like putting a child in charge of a candy store. When Pauline Hansen threatened the status quo Murdoch’s henchmen destroyed her in a flash. We should not look at Pauline Hansen attempting to rip off taxpayers but the incompetence of an electoral body (run by Murdoch’s bureaucrats) in paying $500,000 of taxpayers money without checking if the circumstances were legitimate. Anyone with a nose can smell Skullduggery with a capital S.

This is how Murdoch controls Australia. He puts people he can blackmail into positions of power and rewards them well. The rest of us have to cop the stench of political parties whose members should all be in jail.

Some hours before the events of 9/11, John Howard had a two hour meeting with Rupert Murdoch in Washington. One can only hazard a guess as to what they discussed. Perhaps it was the amount John Howard would receive on his retirement, some $1 billion or so. (Tony Blair got $1 billion from ‘Lord’ Levy). His $1 billion pieces of silver for betraying the families and citizens of Australia. It has been reported that Howard cancelled a flight at the time of the 9/11 attack.

I didn’t want the people of Australia to go to war with Iraq. I wanted them to go to war against our corrupt political system. What our politicians practice amounts to murder. Let us put them on trial (after getting ourselves some decent judges!).

Essays to do with many forms of social mechanics pertaining to the above can be found on the website,

Here is additional proof to what I have written above. John Howard and his lawyer mates (18 in Cabinet) allow Rupert Murdoch to dictate what we Australians are told so we never get the real story of what is happening ~ only the Zionist Murdoch version.

Tony Lee

BADIL Resource Center

For immediate release, 10 December 2002 (E/68/02)

(based on COHRE press release, 10-12-02)