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Senate Democrat Candidate In NC Under Investigation Hes Accused Of Misusing Campaign Funds While Having An Affair

Adam Casalino

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What’s Happening:

This is a story you won’t find in the mainstream media: a Democrat caught in a major scandal during the 2020 race.

A Senate seat is up for grabs in North Carolina—it could impact the upper chamber’s majority.

The Democrat running for the seat was already caught in an affair. The media has tried to ignore it.

But now, the story gets even worse for him:

A conservative watchdog group filed an FEC complaint on Tuesday asking for an investigation into Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham’s March trip to California that used campaign funds after revelations of his extramarital affair…

“There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered,” Americans For Public Trust Executive Director Caitlin Sutherland, who filed the complaint, told Fox News. “He had an event on [March 6]. What hotel did he stay in on the 7th?”

Cal Cunningham was already in hot water, when it was revealed he was having an affair with a woman in CA.

Now, a watchdog group is demanding answers about what he may have been up to during trips out West.

They are asking the FEC to investigate if he used campaign funds to visit his mistress.

In recent years, several Democrat politicians have been called out for possible misuse of funds.

It seems this group worries that Cunningham was breaking campaign financing laws for personal use.

The law is pretty strict when it comes to what a candidate can or can’t do with campaign cash.

If this Democrat was using money wrongfully, he could face serious consequences.

But it might take some time, even if the FEC investigates.

Should the state of North Carolina elect a man who may have used funds to see another woman?

That’s the question they need to be asking themselves. But because the mainstream media is silent, they might not know.

Only if word is spread by patriots.