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CPS Gets Heavy-Handed In Montana

Tim Ravndal

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n Montana, transparency within many government programs continue to be locked behind the doors of the system in control.  Family health is considered to be under a threat based on programs within the Department of Public Health & Human Services (DPHHS).

Child Protective Services (CPS) is a department within DPHHS that is in place to intervene in the family home when there are any allegations of child abuse or neglect.

Redoubt News has been covering this story and it appears there are even more problems within the system than we could expose or confirm.  There lies the problem getting the full story to the people.  When government uses the deference given them by the courts we often find a brick wall between the truth and government operations.

Vietnam Veteran J. Walton of Great Falls Montana brought a sliver of light to the problem highlighting his journey to protect his grandchildren.  Multiple meetings with CPS resulted in his cry for help.  CPS removed the children from their home and refused to disclose their location to Mr. Walton.  After multiple attempts to work within the system, Mr. Walton found he was prohibited from helping these children.

Mr. Walton took to social media to expose alleged abuse of family rights including the safety of his grandchild, who was placed in a dangerous atmosphere.  It was not long before Mr. Walton was called in to the courtroom in Great Falls Montana, where a gag order was placed on him by the judge.  Mr. Walton, fighting for his family and his personal rights, kept working for transparency and justice but was charged and thrown in jail.

Mr. Walton got out of jail with the gag order in place and was told to remain silent.  The charges and control came from CPS appointed officials responsible within the department who were opposed to disclosure of their identity.  They claimed that their right to privacy under Montana law and the Constitution of Montana was being violated.   The provisions of law used are in place to protect the rights of the citizens…not the rights of government that are delineated and defined.

Mr. Walton continues to seek justice even though the threat of going back to jail for exercising his rights is being held over his head.

Last week a peaceful demonstration against the DPHHS and CPS actions was held in Great Falls.  We asked him if he was under threat for attending the event and he said he was and had to be cautious in making any public statements.  This Vietnam Veteran showed a tear in his eye due to the distress caused by his inability to hug and care for his grandchildren.

The demonstration in Great Falls was led by Destiny Swan-Field, who is also seeing the heavy hand of government regarding her child.  Swan-Field showed a tremendous amount of courage and stood up to a threat from CPS to silence her.  An employee of CPS was in the crowd of demonstration participants taking pictures of all who were in attendance.

 “A full day of Peaceful Demonstration/Protest followed by an evening Public Open Forum to expose corruption/collusion and illegal conduct by DPHHS/CPS Employees and government workers along with the need for Reform in our Family Court Systems in Montana.

To meet the common goal of participants to demand change, reform and accountability from these government workers, judges, county attorneys, and all government state and city entities.

To demand our state representatives start to listen to our concerns and our experiences/grievances with the way DPHHS/CPS and the Montana family and justice court system has been operating thus far, openly violating Unites States of America citizens and their constitutional civil rights and liberties!”

“Since planning the protest and posting on social media and going on Northwest Liberty news I have now been charged with Unauthorized Dissemination of Records.” ~ Destiny gave this summary of the event from her perspective.

It was not long before we learned that a threatening letter was sent to Destiny by a lawyer working for CPS.  The letter makes the claim that privacy of government is being violated.  The letter openly gives threat of jail if the demonstrations continue