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Democrat Lawmaker Sends Career-Ending Tweet That Will Leave You Speechless

Kelly Walsh

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For nearly two years, the left has issued increasingly violent threats and actions against President Trump and Republicans across the country.

And in one tweet, a Democratic lawmaker just took things to a whole new level.

What he said will leave you speechless, and leave him almost certainly without a job.

A Democratic lawmaker in New York is now facing calls for his resignation, and may even face expulsion from the Senate over a tweet he sent on Tuesday.

State Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) was accused by Candice Giove, a Republican Senate aide, of misusing his official Senate parking placard to block a bicycle lane.

The Democratic Senator then took to Twitter to tweet “Kill yourself!” to the Republican aide.

Ironically, Parker had been advocating for a bill requiring that gun purchasers submit to a social media search before being allowed to obtain a firearm.

He has also introduced legislation in the past requiring universities in New York to provide resources for suicide prevention on campus.

The Democrat lawmaker almost immediately deleted the tweet and issued an apology, but not before his career-ending comment spread across social media like wildfire.

Parker has since received almost universal condemnation.

USA Today reports, “Within a few hours, however, Parker was tweeting at Giove again, saying she’s on the “wrong side of history for every important issue facing New York State!””

“I was disappointed in Senator Parker’s tweet,” Incoming Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “Suicide is a serious issue and should not be joked about in this manner. I am glad that he has apologized.”

Parker is no stranger to controversy, however.

In 2005, Parker was arrested for punching a traffic agent in the face over a citation he was issued.

In 2008, an aide filed charges against Parker after claiming he had pushed her during an argument and broke her glasses.

In 2009, Parker was charged with a felony for attacking a news photographer. Parker was stripped from his leadership positions within the Democratic caucus, but he was not expelled from the state Senate.

He’s also attacked other members of the legislature as well, going so far as to being told to leave a committee room after screaming at a colleague for opposing a nominee Parker supported.

Parker has also routinely accused his Republican “enemies” of being white supremacists.

His outbursts and brushes with the law for over a decade have led to other members of the legislature, including Democrats, to call for reprimanding the Senator.

However, Parker’s latest outburst, where he wishes death upon someone simply for calling him out for blocking a bicycle path, demonstrates just how unfit he is to serve in any legislative body.

Parker wished death on someone who called him out for parking his car in a bicycle path.

And yet, Parker believes that ordinary Americans must be treated as potential criminals if they wish to defend themselves with a firearm.

The New York legislature has yet to expel him from office, but his latest incident is just the latest in a long string of examples of how Senator Parker should have never been elected to the state legislature in the first place.

Do you think Senator Kevin Parker should be expelled from office after telling a Republican aide that she should kill herself?