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Angela Martin Meyer

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May 9, 2012

We hired Private Investigator, Mr Dan Riemer, 6919 W Broward Blvd., Ste # 281, Plantation, FL  33317; ph # (954) 557-6111, Fax # (888) 898-5251.


He discovered, that after the Annuities had been "bled dry", a Quit Claim Deed was filed against Hanalore Martin on 07/01/2009  At this time the home at 1642 Woods Bend Rd was mortaged

with Bank of America for the amount of $235,000.00. The home went into a Reverse Mortgage. The application number is : 4592920, dtd 05/12/2009. Estimated closing date 05/08/2009.

These dates are no error!!!!!! Very "Fishy".

Dan Riemer contacted Bank of America's Fraud Dept., Consumrer Loan Risk Operations,  Faith Thomas, by phone on 04/01/2010, Bank of America, N.A.,

NC4-105-01-63,  4161 Piedmont Parkway, Greensboro, NC  27410.  No phone # was provided, and she has refused to speak to me.

My contact with that office was : Kathy Hawkins, ph # (469) 201-9973.


I was not contacted by her until 04/10/2011, by mail, at which time she stated that : "The Bank's investigation has concluded that the information provided, in addition to the Bank's Loan File Documentation,

does support your claim of vulnerable adult abuse and established HANALORE A MARTIN non-responsibility for the loan amount.

I received this letter dated 06/13/2011.


I later received a letter from Faith Thomas, dtd 07/19/2011 in which she stated : Please disregard the previous letter you received dtd June 13, 2011 concrning the results of the Elder Abuse Fraud claim

for Hanalore Martin.  That letter contained information not relevant to above referenced account.

The Elder Abuse claim is still in review, and Hanalore Matin's non-respnsibility for the referenced account has not been established.


Doug asnd I contacted the State District Attorney's Office in West Palm Beach, and were interviewed by Glenn Wescott, who referred us to the Sheriff's Dept. to have us file a report.



Here are the numbers of every report we have filed since 02/2010 :  10-033-248 (For Information Purposes Only);   10-037-569  (For Information Purposes Only);

11-056-390, report taken by Det Erin Gianotti (very rude and dismissive), ph # (561) 688-4076;  

 12-035-086, report taken by Deputy V Venner, who referred the case to Det Mirko Ivanovic with Financial Crimes Unit, Special Investigations Division; ph # (561) 688-4103;  

12-063-936, report taken by Deputy Paul Ellis, Road Patrol, District 1 - West Palm Beach.


The Sheriff's Department where all of the reports were filed is located  at 3228 Gun Club Rd, West Palm Beach, FL  33406-3001; ph # (561) 688-3000


In each case, when we asked for the status of each investigation, we were told that due to statute of limitations the cases were closed, even though the crimes were reported well within the statute of limitations, but had been filed away under "For Information Purposes Only", without ever investigating the complaints.  So far Det Mirko Ivanovic has been investigating the charges of Elder Exploitation, but is still limiting his efforts, citing "Statute of Limitations", against Hazel Clack.

Additional Names :
Judge Gary L VonHoff, County Court House, Probate Division, 200 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 


 Richard W Springer, Atty at Law;  3003 S Congress Ave, Ste # 1A, Palm Springs, Fl  33461;

phone # (561) 433-9500, Fax # (561) 433-9522


Catherine Mazzulla, Atty at Law;  3003 S Congress Ave, Ste # 1A,  Palm Springs, FL 33461;

phone # (561) 433-9500,  Fax # (561) 433-9522  (Richard Springer's Associate)


Wende Benzl,  (referred to as "Hanalore's ONLY friend);  last known phone # (2000) :  (561) 882-0640; address unknown;

address after 2000 : 4850 Pineare Ln, West Palam Beach, FL  34417;  ph #  (561) 882-3966

occupatin :  Activities Coordinator with THE ARC Foundation of Palm Beach County, 1201 Australian Ave, Riviera Beach, Fl 33404-6698,

ph # (407) 842-3213  (the area code may now be 561.) She was married December 29, 2005, obtained financing from Hanalore Martin to purchase property in Rogersville, Tennessee.

According to sources, this is her last known location.


Jeanne Penney,  (referred to as "Hanalore's ONLY friend), personal address and ph # unknown.

occupation:  Director of Residential Services with THE ARC Foundation of Palm Beach County,  1201 Australian Ave, Riiera Beach, FL 33404-6698,

ph #  same as above.


Hazel Clack,  formerly employed by THE ARC as Hazel Tompkins, nee Martin; Adult Services Coordinator at THE ARC of Palm Beach County, address and ph contact: same as above;

personal address :  4334 72nd St, Riviera Beach, FL  (Palm Beach County), last known ph # (2010) :  (561) 312-1753.

Sheriff's Report filed against Hazel Clack:  Case # 08095008, dtd 07/02/08; case was not further investigated; filed "For Information Purposes Only".




Juanita D Holley, 552 Santa Fe Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406,  Personal Friend and Notary, Notary ID # DD 433556, ph # unknown.


Gail Lamb, nee Holley, named as guardian of Hanalore on documents to AIG, Policy # 77242122, notarized by Juanita Holley on 11/25/2006.

address :  2479 Oklahoma St, West Palm Beach, FL 33406.  This person NEVER had guardianship; also used Hanalore's credit cards to finance vacation for self and a friend at

Hanalore's Time Share in Hollywood, FL. and vacationed in Key West, FL.

witness:  Neighbor and friend: Cecelia Montante, 3675 Nandina Ct., West Palm Beach, Fl  33406, ph # (561) 439-5212, cell # (561) 254-1671, work # (561) 340-7116.

              Mother-in-law of Cecelia Montante  (name unknown), 1661 Nandina Ct, West Palm Beach, FL  33406; ph # (561) 439-6691.
             Neighbor & friends Vincent and Lecie (last name unknown), 3651 Nandina Ct, West Palm Beach, FL  33406.
             Robert and Donna Konrad, 1 Westwood Av Tequesta, Jupiter, Fl;  ph # (561) 744-9169, cell # (561) 313-6277.
             These people were considered good friends of the family, and were very trusted by Poney H Martin.  He and his wife witnessed the Wills which were drawn up for Poney
 and Hanalore in 1993.  Bob Konrad also presided over Poney's funeral services, as he is a Pastor.  These people are also well known, trusted and liked by Shirley.
             Jeanette Williams
             Manager, Assistant Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank,  1662 S Congress Ave, Palm Springs, FL 33461, ph # (561) 370-1001
; this person managed the Wachovia Bank Branch on 11900 W Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, Fl since approx 2003. 
She shared with me that she had suspected exploitation of Hanalore Martin, and advised her Tellers to limit Hanalore's withdrawals to 1 transaction per week. 
 She also contacted Social Services, and relayed her suspicions to the Elder Abuse Dept.  In addition she also kept record, and made notations into Hanalore's Bank files,
which are now unavailable to her since October 2011, since Wells Fargo Bank completed their transition from Wachovia Bank.  They can be obtained through a Court Order.


 Social Workers (2006):    Helen Swain, ph # (561) 837-5404;  Palm Beach Cty.


                   Supervisor  Shannon Payne, ph # (561) 837-5456, Palm Beach Cty.


                                     Megan Batista, ph # (561) 355-4504, Palm Beach Cty.


Palm Beach Senior Citizen's Care Worker:


                                  Yolanda Deveranze (or Devenanze),  declared Hanalore "Incompetent" due to Dementia 06/01/2008

                                  (information received from Susan L Martin).

Doctors : 
Dr Juan Sanchez,  6685 Forst Hill Blvd, Ste # 201, West Palm Beach, FL  33413,  ph # (561) 432-5101.
Shirley has detailed info on visit to the doctor; she accompanied Hanalore on visits in 2006.
---no known doctors between 2006 & 2011----
Dr Jan Dobrowlski, Internal Medicine, 3472 Forest Hill Blvd, Ste # 2C, West Palm Beach, FL 33406.
Hanalore had 3 appointments scheduled with this doctor; only 2 were kept.
Dr Michael Belotti, D.O.,  10111 Forest Hill Blvd, Ste # 202,  Wellington, Fl  33414,  fax # (561) 798-4422; 1st & only visit on 12/09/2011.
Susan L Martin switched Hanalore's care over to this doctor after Angi and I obtained guardianship.  She stated that she didn't like the previous doctor.
She made this switch to prevent us from discovering, that Hanalore had not routinely seen a doctor, nor had received adequate health care under her care.
We placed Hanalore's back under Dr. Dobrowlski's care after 01/09/2012.
Took Hanalore to Wellington Medical Center ER.  Dr. Griffin performed a CT Scan, at which time he discovered 3 masses on 12/24/2011.
Hanalore was referred by him to Dr. Daniel Spitz, Internal Medicine Specialist at Good Samaritan Medical Center


1309 N Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach, FL 33401, ph # (561) 366-4100.   

Dr Spitz referred Hanalore to Dr Howard Goodman, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Palm Beach Cancer Institute,1309 N Flagler Dr Ste 700


West Palm Beach, FL;  ph #  (561) 366-4100.  Her 1st appointment with this doctor was on 01/06/2012.

Dr. Goodman immediately placed her under Hospice care. 
Her attending phsician is Dr. Mirta Galante, MD of Internal Medicine,  1552 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd,
West Palm Beach,FL; ph # (561) 659-7411.  Hospice YELLOW Team.
Warren B Brams ,P.A., 2161 Palm Bch Lakes Blvd # 201 West Palm Beach, FL 33409, (561) 478-4848.
Barbara D Tola, nee Martin, and Angela M Miller, nee Martin, obtained guardianship of Hanalore Martin on 12/06/2011.