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Are the State Governors Ready to Sell Out to the Communist Chinese?

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    I really find this reprehensible and beyond reproach that our leaders deciding against our will sell out to a foreign power like the Communist Chinese. We never consented to this. We have no choice only to buy junk made in China and eat food not safe from them too. This regime is one of the most oppressive on Earth. They are ruthless and cunning. I do not know what it is going to take to wake up the people and remove these people from power selling out to a tyrannical power. It is time to rout out the traitors in government who dare do business with a brutal and evil power.

              When Hillary Clinton made a deal with China giving them the power of eminent domain to take land from the United States if we ever defaulted on our loans is illegal and unconstitutional. I wish state legislators had acted making moves telling the State Department that their land is not up for grabs for the Chinese to take. The sad truth our politicians are selling out handing over our roads and infrastructure. The very things the people played for in gas taxes are signing over to countries like Spain and China. It is not theirs to give or sell. How bad does it have to get until the people understand they been deceived and sold out by two-faced politicians?

               The Idaho governor must be accountable to the people in a recall election. If the people can remove him from office, then he should be on trial for treason and violating the Logan Act going over to China. The Governor's actions behind closed doors making deals with a foreign power are high treason. He does not have consent of the governed in the State of Idaho. He is giving aid and comfort to our enemy by allowing them to set up a free trade zone that is really a military beachhead in the state of Idaho than just doing business to create jobs for Americans. In Texas, the Chinese tried to take over operations at the Galveston Ports. The Chinese have taken over West Texas oil fields. This has to stop right here and right now. This is why they are going after our guns relentlessly. They cannot finish the job unless we are disarmed.

              The next month of July, all the state governors will be meeting with the communist Chinese party officials to make deals. I do not want any more deals with the Chinese. I just want to pay off our debt to them, so we do not have to be obligated to them. Bring back the jobs by American companies, not slave labor in sweat shops owned by the Chinese. This was done by design were mega corporations pushing for anti competitive laws lobbied the government to put restrictive and costly regulations in place to strangle any competition. They have pushed for tax incentives to move manufacturing offshore as the result of creating burdensome regulations making it cost so much to do business as the excuse. This is why Americans cannot compete with Chinese in manufacturing.

             This meeting was done as a result of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agreeing with China promoting a "memorandum of understanding" in the name of” Strengthen Bi lateral cooperation". I do not want to come an understanding with cold-blooded killers and sworn enemies. I do not trust the Chinese no more than I can throw them. To bring these State governors in to meet with these murderers to make deals makes me sick to my stomach. If they do sell out to our enemy with disregard to the rule of law, then we need to move to have these Governors fired and removed from office.

              I do not want their money or investment in my beloved Texas. I do not think the people of Texas want the Chinese here either. The message we need to send to our state legislators to start articles of impeachment or a recall election if Slick Rick does the following. If Governor Perry signs over one inch of Texas land or accept one dime of money from the Chinese without the advice consent of the people or the legislator. There must be harsh consequences if he does. I do not think the legislators will do such a thing for their own good old boy slick Rick. They will roll over and look away with a blind eye.

             I just wonder when enough will  be enough with these sell out Politicians like Rick Perry and Mitch Daniels of Indiana. They both singed over roads the people played for to a foreign power. The Legislator and the outcry of the people stopped Gov. Perry. It is just sad the people of Texas reelected a globalist whore that sold out the people of Texas before. Therefore, since he is again serving another term will sell out the rest of Texas because in his mind the people are stupid to let him get away with it. Therefore, will many of these State governors at this forum with the Chicoms sell out to our enemies? I just wonder will the people finally say enough is enough?

June 8, 2011