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The Counties and Courts are Using Social Workers for Various Scams


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The Counties and Courts are using Social Workers for various scams.  They are only part of County and Court corruption. 

The lower courts are using the Social Workers for information regarding taking of the children from innocent parents for the foster home/adoption scam where the County makes minimum $35,000 per child taken.  They lock the parents and children into the system.  After emancipation or adoption, the County and Courts can then go after the parents home for expenses per law. 

Many avenues consists of a procedure where the county and through set-up non profits declares an expense for payment to be received, for example from DHHS, Dept. of Health and Human Services.  Therapy for the child, innoculations, Fatherhood Initiative which Congress and Al Gore part of, group homes, education, the list is enormous.

The County, Courts, and Players usually control the centers used.  For example, Ventura County, CA, Interface is a one stop child shop, connected with most agencies pertaining to children, with Judges (including a Court of Appeal Judge) and players sitting on the Board of Directors or a Board.  You got it, the Judges or players get into numerous businesses as Board of Directors, including education and hospitals, where they can learn or control or money launder via, as a good samaritan. 

A partial (meaning not all attorneys) corrupt law firm, The Nordman, Cormany, Hair... Law Firm, is one listed in your Phoenix Journals but not\'s in Oxnard, CA. The Journals identify another corrupt person, William P. Clark, which states he was involved in the murder of John F. Kennedy.  William P. Clark, Ventura County Attorney, then Judge, then went to Santa Barbara.  The above mentioned law firm issues out Good Samaritan or Achievement Awards to the Judges to make the Judges look good to get some into higher positions eventially, including Federal positions.  The Phoenix Journals tie the two together.

A book called, \'Behold a Pale Horse\', by murdered, was US Naval Intelligence, Milton William (Bill)Cooper, shows \'A Proposed Constitutional Model For The Newstates of America\', which is a draft of our new Constitution probably when US falls.  It was made not by Congress but by the Center for Democratic Studies in Santa Barbara.  Who else was from Santa Barbara but Earl Warren, remember the Warren Commission.  I used to go to the Earl Warren Show Grounds.  Ventura County (where I was born) and Santa Barbara County are next door. 

The book describes what is happening now and it was written in 1991.  It describes plans for the NWO.  It shows documents of the government hiding that aliens exist. 

Ventura County gets many of the Change of Venue cases regarding high profile (Rodney King beating by L.A. Police Officers) and against other County cases.  Of course the victims rarely win.   

Besides Government, grants and donations are issued from other sources, including businesses that are set-up for that purpose and people wanting to help the children. In the case of Ventura County, those business\'s, Ventura County Community Foundation and United Way, was next door to a Non Profit called Interface.  In both cases, Interface and the Grant Money Businesss next door, hidden businesses in the same buildings and another hidden business using the Counties Social Services Department\'s address, tax form going to still another address.  Did I forget to say a beach house was also another County non profit business address. You have to physically look at some of these addresses because they are not what other paperwork states they are. 

One of the Interface Director\'s, a woman showing she worked full time for Interface, also showed she worked full time for the CPA Office that was falsifying a County Non Profit dealing with child abuse that was really the beach house.  The CAAN business did take in phone calls regarding the children but these players like to duplicate businesses and CAAN (they keep changing the name) was operating out of another Interface building.  The tax form  of CAAN, Child Abuse and Neglect, shows the business was dissolved and proceeds went to Interface, yet still operating. Who knows how many other businesses were being steered to the beach house address? Legally I could not go into the mail box, a Federal Crime.

There is numerous cases of County players still operating out of dissolved businesses or if the income is under $25,000 they don\'t have to declare a tax form.  Another example was an In Home Care Agency, Livingston Nurses, where their business was duplicated, slight name change, and that tax form showed a different address. The Board of Directors of the innocent Livingston was duplicated, with others added, and the duplicated showed numerous large donations and income.

Livingston was also inaccurately accused of a Conservatorship Murder where a caretaker murder team was brought in.  The County, Court, certain attorneys, all involved in the theft of this man\'s property.  It was witnessed by a P.I., retired P.D., hearing the caretaker man telling his mother that they had to wait for the call, he couldn\'t understand how the man was still living, and all they had to do was shut off his oxygen so they could get their extra salary and go on their vacation. When I told a Judge you\'re murdering the elderly to steal their property, he said, \"I wasn\'t involved in that one.\"  They sent out a hit on the man\'s daughter who had some of the murder evidence.  She took the body to an L.A. coroner teaching doctor who verified it was (street) morphine that killed him or pneumonia (paperwork not allowing proper medical) or near starvation.  An out of county handwriting expert verified the Trust and Will that the court brought in, the signatures were no!

 t the same as other signatures of the same man.  The daughter has been on the run for over 10 years where attempts on her life has been made.  After she sold her car, got another one, took the battery out of her cell phone before getting to a hotel room, the hits stopped.  She was then drug into a law suit, hired an attorney, went to see her, and a hit man appeared in the elevator saying she was hard to locate after she told him she was dodging his bullets.  Luckily the elevator door had opened right away and she ran. One of the attorneys even tried to seize her business in another county, her income, by recording that he owned the business and got into her bank accounts.  Appears somehow a woman and man went to the mail box and said she was her and had an extra key made stating she lost hers.    Another time a woman went to her bank to take out money, ID saying it was her, but bank account required 2 ID\'s and this attempt failed. The bank notified her.  The courts destroy!

 ed her case files.    

Many of the Non Profit Tax Forms state they make no salary yet strongly appears other avenues of salary exists where numerous other hidden salary examples found.  Of course some will say the non profit is audited.  Audited by who?  I already discovered the courts have a duplicated Register of Actions, AKA Docket.  I got it by downloading the County and Courts computer programs off of a Judge website, now shut down after I disclosed their double set of books, different hidden Internet address. The second hidden one showed a slightly different story, for example on an Unlawful Detainer, somehow the County ended up with the house.  My computer was shut off from this information after a very few hours and then I couldn\'t get back in.

I found trying to look up a questionable bank that was thought to be used for money laundering via county computers, that this bank, again with a slight name change, in the system, the computer cursor would lock to nothing.  Playing with it, I put in Y (thinking yes) and it would then go page to page.  When I tried to look at the documents again the cursor went to a blank spot and I wasn\'t able to figure out the next step.  A friend found the county computer showed large amounts of money filed under a Judge\'s son\'s name and this Judge had various other trusts.  Then the computer started ringing loudly and she ran.  I found that the Judge\'s give special and illegal Orders to court clerks and how to deal with your filings.  When the Dept\'s Supervisor was notified by me stating it was Unconstitutional for this Judge to review my paperwork first to see if my attorney and me were allowed to file, then said you have to do it to keep your job, she relieved and nodded.  Another!

  situation a prior Order was changed and put into the court computer, retired Judge\'s signature forged.  Othertimes, filings removed and changed both in the file and the court computer.  One time handed the wrong file from records and received a lodgings file, a Judges private file on your case, and found how the case was to be handled and what the decision was to be by the opposing attorney, before the trial started. 

Did I mention my X is an Attorney, later found corrupt.  He was part of a theft of Welfare Grant money with the D.A.  I found his 1/2 million dollar hidden bank account that showed his salary for the year regarding the theft.  Another Judge did a cover-up regarding the money.             

I also discovered, through a friend, that another County had a business that had to do with Ventura County Real Estate.  Ventura County is known for stealing property. New sales, higher costs, extra real estate tax revenue for the County. That same County also filed other County hidden businesses.  Other Counties also filed others.  Other County businesses also filed in Nevada where they don\'t have to identify the business officers.  I\'m told Delaware is also a biggy.

The Judges pass the Order\'s.  The County and Courts put all their players into postion and basically court appointed is on an approved list.  If an honest attorney fights the system they are usually trumped up to be disbarred or the court (where the Judges usually stick together) makes sure that Attorney looses his cases to destroy his reputation.  If the Attorney wants to make good money, the Judges are the boss\'s.  Most of the Judges are from the District Attorney\'s Office (a County Dept.) or some how connected with the IN group.  Ventura Counties prior FBI boss, retired, now works for the DA Office.  I was told many of the FBI Agents out of the County used to work for the DA Office, you show them corruption evidence, and they show it to the players.

When I tried to report some of the evidence to the L.A. FBI Duty Clerk, he stated the evidence was important and needed to go to the Public Integrity Dept. and he would call back within 3 days when I was to give them the evidence I showed him.  No call, weeks, I call back and some how I was never there yet I was checked in by their appointment list when I entered the building and again had to sign in at that department and again had to fill out a form.  Three ways I was never there.  Of course my land line phone had prior been verified by the phone company that it was illegally bugged.  I don\'t know how this connection for evidence changing happened. 

Back to the child and Social Worker situation, once the County has the child they usually brain wash the child against the parent, for example, not allow the parent to see the child and then tell the child the parent no longer loves them.

The same with Probate cases, especially Conservatorship cases.  The family members are turned against each other, the parent or husband/wife is seperated from each other, usually by a Court Order.  If they don\'t like the witnesses they bring in their own players.  They use Court Appointed Psychologists for many of these various court games who love the clients that are Court Ordered to them without any pay problem.  Same on the therapy end, i.e. Social Workers with degrees for therapy.  In court cases, Social Workers are court witnesses and many work for the County.  Once the system has the case, which can be brought in via numerous avenues that seem innocent, example you chose the wrong accountant (a stooge), you listen to those how to save money for the elderly conferences, an unknown reports against you regarding your child, you are usually doomed. 

Forget Living Trusts, they rewrite them or bring in forged wills and trusts through a corrupt attorney or a Court Order.  Evidence is changed.  They wire transfer the money accounts after they force you to give the Court an Accounting and then manipulate to get the bank account numbers if you try to hide it.  They have their own PI type investigation to find your assets, operated through the County. 

In my own case I found the County was paying the Judges Contractor\'s Fees when they tried to steal my inheritance.  Simple, steal the house, sell to player for very cheap price, many times via court auction, owner with contractor repairs and updates, house resold for real value, difference of price hidden income.  The Judge was not happy with me because I was not normal, i.e. I knew too much and filed the corruption evidence, stated per County Counsel, a co unty attorney assigned against my Inheritance, along with the County Tax Collector and Social Worker who I don\'t know why was assigned to the case. There was a Court Order I had to pay County Counsel\'s salary who was put into the case for the purpose of theft and was also Judge Pro Tem when the same Judge was out along with other positions for the Judge, against the Canon Laws.  I argued he already had a salary and that part of his salary came from the Trial Court Budget which was paid to the County by the Judicial Cou!

 ncil. You\'re forced to pay their Attorney fees by Court Order, a double salary for them because they also get a salary from the County. Part of the scam I was able to stop, for example my x trustee over me. He tried to sneak in a fraudulent Order to be signed by the Judge and I grabbed and pocketed it when my attorney got a hold of it and showed it to me.  This is near when County Council through up his hands and said \"She\'s not normal.\"  I wasn\'t suppose to know their corruption and kept identifying it, usually with proof.  They contacted the State Bar to have my attorney disbarred who was representing me and said I had to keep my next attorney who I fired, not representing me, not showing up at court, when I tried to get a Continuance to get another attorney.  I stopped going to court after this and receiving what people considered a death threat from the Judge.  Later they tried to make me pay Supplemental Property Tax, retroactive 5 years, thousands, even though th!

 e taxes had been paid. 

Activists, people fighting what has happened to them, are retaliated against.  Besides false imprisonment or murder, one scam is impossible false Court Ordered penalties or extra tax bills they can\'t afford, to seize their home.  In my case I changed the real estate contract from Arbitration to the real estate company who had their own escrow company, had to hire a law firm if any problems.  The Judge, trying to steal my inheritance home, his other scams failed, brought in a hidden Order to the Escrow company all money went to him.  They were forced, by real estate contract, to legally fight it in court.  This brought the hidden Court Order into view. 

I was already homeless hiding in an RV by then.  I had bought the used RV to hide in knowing the way the County works and I wanted a roof over my head.  Did you know more money made via County operated homeless centers and thrift stores where the donations go to the various County operated centers.  I had received what people called a death threat by the Judge, the same scam he used to have his sister\'s boyfriend murdered. First I was to be falsely jailed (heard the second day of court standing behind my X and County Counsel) and all that had happened was asking for Continuances.  Identified.  Then my X, then his new wife was to the my trustee, then I was to be locked into a mental ward*, then I was to be conserved with my X in charge.  The mental ward is how the Judge had his sister\'s boyfriend murdered via having him locked into a room with a murderer.

A new County CEO? (correct title in a box), in charge of County Financing, from another County, left 3 days later, with his family in the middle of the night, stating County financial problems.  A now deceased friend, we think murdered, found that this man was a set-up by the U.S. Attorney Janet Reno who needed evidence in case George Bush was elected in, she would be out of a job, and the new employee got scared when he found hit men were on the payroll.  He got his old job back with salary increase.    

There has been 2 class actions against the Social Services and the Courts for Foster Home and Adoption scam, RICO.  One was where a NY District Court Judge stated this racketeering was Unconstitutional.  Also numerous against Social Workers falsifying reports for the taking of the children who also have immunity under the laws.  It\'s not as much the Social Workers in general but certain ones used for the output, for example, the County Supervisors who make the rules and work directly with the Court.  Many of these Social Workers become therapists.  Again the court player position (this time as the therapist who HAS to report to the court) is used.  A large amount of these Social Workers really do care and are overworked. 

Did I forget to say that Interface has employees working for Social Services and reporting to them as part of their job duties. Interface employees, many volunteers just trying to help the children, would go to the schools or the Boys and Girls Club (Judges again part of) and teach no touch classes.  A form is made out of age, nationality, so-on.  Whites get less money, special needs and hard to place make the county larger amounts of money.  Children are reported into Interface and their job contract states they are  told to report to both Interface AND Social Services and suspicion of abuse and you can guess the rest, child in the system, child money making industry, and little way out.  

If a child is murdered, for example a gang fight, the reason these members that did the murder are not arrested is because again the city makes money.  A woman I met set-up with the P.D. a program to get the children, the gangs, off the streets and it was working.  Then at a what was suppose to be fun benefit with parents and children, a policeman exposed his genetials.  The parents stopped sending their children to the program. The Chief would not stop the Policeman from being around the children, the City Council, then Board of Supervisors did nothing except go after the reporting parties, the 2 woman who devised the program.  One of the 2 women, her belongings taken from storage and her office, including her antiques, put in the street, and set on fire by certain Policemen. She was trumped up for trying to stop the Policeman from being around children.  She was falsified to go to Jail. She took the case to Federal Court and ended up against the State Attorney General who !

 also assigned Attorneys.  The District Court Judge she was forced to have was connected with the county. State Employees all went against her.  When she was forced to go to jail, she was put into the medical department where she was injected by the jail doctor and then was having a heart attack.  Left alone on the table, a nurse, not knowing, saw her and revived her.  The Doctor came back, pissed, threw the nurse out of the room.  It was then too late, she survived.  They tried to murder her in jail.  An attorney finally told her why.  The program was working.  The City was loosing money because they received $50,000 per murder investigation.  They didn\'t want the gangs off the streets. 

I found the county was setting up duplicated and phony non profits and businesses and collecting money under them. CPA\'s that are not County employees were being used for making the phony tax forms.  Sometimes you go to that address as the non profit public record tax form states and it\'s really another business, i.e., hiding a business under another business.

Another person was handed their and mother\'s case file from the corrupt attorney and found that a phony law suit had been set-up in another county and money received, part of it was put into the Judge\'s retirement fund. I found a Judge getting extra salary from a law firm that was part of the Probate and Conservatorship court scam. In another case, non allocated money paid out of an Estate.

The County manipulated (refused) to give the salary or payment ledgers of a Judge under the CA Public Records Act but admitted he was getting paid and part was through Contractor payments.  This payment can be received when a house is stolen, especially in the eminent domain, probate, conservatorship, adoption, cruelalty to animals, and numerous other court scams. Also the Judge is a State Employee, but was prior County years ago.  Good move.  This makes the State Attorney General (Dept. of Justice) as their Attorney.  The Commission on Judicial Performance does little against the racketeering.  If a repramand for disbarrment is heard, it\'s usually heard before the State Supreme Court.  The Chief Justice is a strong member of the Judicial Council, and the Council has numerous committees of Judges from all of the counties who the Chief Justice meets.  The Judicial Council provides funding for the Trial Court Budget, which some is used for County employees connected with the !


Did I forget to say that Social Workers are also used for Probate and Conservatorships.

A friend found the courts have a slush fund they use to pay off politicians. 

Money is transferred into slush funds that Judges use for personal expenses, for example golf and jewelry. 

Certificated of Participation, bonds never voted for by the people, are used to collect money with the Board of Supervisors and Players part of the Non Profit

The Ventura County Grand Jury also controlled.  Judges first sort through the requested members to go into the drawing and they pick out the top chairman and other leaders and then set the rules of reporting and don\'t allow the Jurists to go the State Grand Jury association where laws and procedures discussed. 

Court reporter transcripts changed where the computers are at the court house, the askee discs erased after entered into the computer, and the transcript tapes filed also at the court house.  When the transcripts requested, they always match the tapes in a Deposition.  There are five different types of transcipt typing and usually the Supervisors know.  Also appears an online computer system where the transcripts are changed in the computer.  I have a law suit where they even changed the Public Defender\'s Office transcript evidence and they were not happy about that. Also told Judges have to review them for errors before they are sent to the requesting party.  There is not always a court reporter present in cases unless requested. 

One woman, after another court robbery, again she found information against CEDE, 3 Warrants for her Arrest were issued and she had done nothing wrong.  Later the warrants were removed. 

I\'m getting tired Patrick but I told you I would get back with you.  There is more but this gives you the general.  Maybe it can help when your people are doing investigating.  Some of this evidence I found in a trash bin.  Too bad I got caught because I had to leave some behind I located. (No I\'m not trashy, just sometimes full of trash.)

Thanks again.  Again please let James of Contact know.  So far important responses regarding the change over of the TV question (I can\'t see how Orgonite could help), CEDE under the Federal Reserve (did you locate those other sites I gave you but then couldn\'t pull up the normal way - 2 were CEDE contracts, I have saved them), American Inns of Court (I was hoping people would respond with evidence), look up court cases for hidden information, and letting you know my experience and investigation with the county and court.  We already know the Gov\'t does some of the same as the courts.  Just trying to help. 

People need Justice and peace in their lives.  They shouldn\'t have to suffer due to others.  But I have heard of some retired Judges trying to help but then they get sabotauged and loose their retirement.  One the government was after stating he was practicing law without a license. He used an alias name to protect himself and then ended up on the run when they were after him.