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Investigation LAUNCHED Into These 5 Big Tech Companies

Sally Kent

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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has launched an investigation into five big tech corporations for allegedly censoring conservative content. The investigation comes after big tech banned former President Trump and a number of other conservative voices from their platforms after the Jan. 6th capitol riot. Rokita’s investigation is centered around whether the companies “have potentially harmed Indiana consumers through business practices that are abusive, deceptive and/or unfair.”

These 5 Big Tech companies are under investigation:





Seattle City Council from Seattle via Wikimedia Commons



According to a report from The Daily Wire, “In particular, Attorney General Rokita is probing methods by which the companies have limited consumers’ access to certain content — often deleting or obscuring posted material reflecting a politically conservative point of view,” the statement said. “Such manipulation prevents consumers from making informed choices.”

After Jan. 6th, Amazon removed popular conservative social media platform Parler from its play store.








Republican AG Todd Rokita named Apple as one of the five tech giants in his investigation into the censorship of conservative voices. Apple received harsh criticism from Republicans for halting the download of the free speech app Parler following the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.


Facebook permanently banned former President Trump from the platform in January. Recently, Facebook even went a step further to remove an interview between Trump and his daughter-in-law Lara Trump. A statement from a Facebook official said that any content featuring Trump or his voice would be removed from the platform.



Rokita said about his investigation into the tech companies, “In a free society, few assets are more important to consumers than access to information and the opportunity to express political viewpoints in meaningful forums. It is potentially harmful and unfair for these companies to manipulate content in ways they do not publicly discuss or that consumers do not fully understand.”



President Trump was booted from Twitter after the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6th but many users had been criticizing the platform for its increasingly partisan tilt in the weeks after the presidential election. Twitter was repeatedly flagging Trump’s and other conservative’s tweets regarding the outcome of the election. Now, the company is raising eyebrows as Democrats continue to repeat debunked claims about a new election law passed in Georgia yet Twitter has not flagged any of the posts as “misinformation.”