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ACTION ALERT…Alarm and Muster Intelligence Release – August 22. 2010 Mexican Government Openly attempting to undermine U.S. Law At Public School


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This was a clear violation of a foreign government  supporting the violation of the rule of law on our soil this past week.  The Mexican Government is doing its best to seed, interfere and directly undermine the sovereignty of the United States.  What will shock you is a Mexican Official from the Mexican Consulate openly operating on U.S. Soil furthering the outright breaking of U.S. Law.

I would urge all members to contact their respective congressmen and relay this information.  I would also urge all Californians to be aware and be on site at these activities and force them to stop.
It looks like the Mexican Government is supporting an overthrow of our country.  Why hasn’t this been reported on the news?  I haven’t even seen it on FOX.  We are in trouble here!  There should be an investigation, and if any wrongdoing is found, action should be taken against the Mexican Government.  If so,lets send them packing!

August 23, 2010