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While Government Treats Citizens As Terrorists, Mexican Military Invades U.S. (with video)

Paul Joseph Watson

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Residents of Falcon Heights, a south Texas border town, saw a Mexican helicopter hovering over a house shortly after 6pm on Tuesday night. The chopper conducted surveillance for about 15 minutes before flying back to Mexico.

“They had armored individuals in the chopper, open ramp, very military looking, in style and preparation,” said Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez Jr.

“It’s proof the Mexican military sees no boundaries,” reported local KRGV News’ Stephanie Stone, adding that the incident wasn’t the first of its kind and wouldn’t be the last.

“The markings I understand read ‘La Marina’ which is equivalent to the Mexican Navy,” said Gonzalez.

Local residents who saw the chopper refused to talk about it on camera, but the news report showed images of the helicopter.

KRGV contacted nearly a dozen government agencies in an attempt to get answers. After contacting the the FAA about the chopper, KRGV were told to talk to the Customs and Border Protection, who said they knew about the incursion but were apparently unconcerned.

State and local authorities refused to return phone calls about the incident after they were also contacted by KRGV.

“A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman says that a Mexican military helicopter crossed the border into south Texas late Wednesday afternoon before returning to Mexico without landing,” reported the Associated Press.

“Richard Pauza said Thursday that customs officers had spotted the helicopter over U.S. territory near the Falcon Dam in Zapata County sometime after 5 p.m. Pauza said he had no other information.”

While the government trains federal authorities and law enforcement personnel that U.S. citizens are the biggest threat, they couldn’t give a damn about the fact that the military of a foreign government is violating U.S. airspace when it pleases.

Indeed, this only helps the process of acclimating the American people to accept the sight of foreign troops on U.S. soil, a danger Congressman Ron Paul has characterized as a “horrible precedent” which is part of the “NAFTA scheme and globalization and world government.”

Imagine if Soviet bombers or Iranian fighter jets were caught cruising around Los Angeles or Washington D.C. Would the government be at all concerned? Or are they too busy worrying about gun owners, Tea Party activists and Ron Paul supporters?

Watch the clip below.

March 12, 2010