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Khamenei Fires Air Force Chief over Israeli F-35 Deep Penetration of Iranís Sky

Jim Stone

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Israel totally penetrated Iran's air defenses

Ayatollah Kahmenei fired the Iranian air force chief after he lied about a penetration into Iranian airspace by Israel. It was not a small penetration, they overflew all of Iran's major cities in F-35 jets, and it is suspected they disabled Iran's S-300 air defenses with passwords given to them by Russia.

The planes succeeded in photographing many of Iran's secret bases, it's air defense radars, the whole 9 yards. They basically proved they could easily wipe out Iran totally undetected. Satellites have already photographed the locations the F-35 photographed, however it is not good for Iran nonetheless.

If Russia did give Israel Iran's passwords, that does not bode well for Russia's reputation of trust.

Jim Stone

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