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Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by Dutch government

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How do you justify stealing that many panels? Simply require building permits on territory that is not yours, deny the permits, and then go steal the panels when they get put up anyway!

SCUM BAGS. But we all know what is going on in Palestine, don't we?

My very first wake up call to the truth movement was discovering what Israel did with the Jenin massacre, which, as luck would have it, I became aware of right as it was happening. They claim only a few people died there, but in reality, one guy managed to keep texting and posting with a cell phone all through it, and they'd line up people face down in the street and kill them en masse. At the end, it took forever for Israel to let the UN in, because the Israelis were dropping the bodies onto the rubble and driving back and forth with bulldozers to grind them into paste. You could not see any bodies, but the air was naucious with the smell of rotting bodies because they were mashed beyond recognition into the rubble, which was worked down to a powder, bones and all.

Anyway, Israel is downright disgusting with Palestine. I never got a firm number, but it was over a thousand dead in Jenin, regardless of what the scamming MSM reported. And there is basically an admission to what really went on there via the bragging testimony of star bulldozer operator "Kurdi Bear". If you find one of his posts, you can connect the dots pretty easily.

It is not surprising at all then to see Israel steal a solar project from the Dutch. This link generates the all too classic "invalid security certificate" so keep trying, there is nothing wrong with that certificate other than the fact that someone does not want this report to spread:

Jim Stone


Israeli authorities insist that stop-work orders were issued before soldiers carried out raid on solar farm which allegedly did not have proper building permits 

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The Independent Online

The Netherlands has lodged a complaint with the Israeli government after dozens of Dutch solar panels donated to a West Bank village were confiscated by Israeli authorities. 

The hybrid diesel and solar power electricity system was installed last year in remote Jubbet al-Dhib, a village home to 150 people in an area of the West Bank occupied by Israel. 

The panels were not built with proper permits and permissions, the authorities said, confiscating equipment belonging to the £307,000 humanitarian project last week.

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Israel approves spending millions in West Bank settlement security

Critics points out that building permissions for new Palestinian homes and infrastructure are almost impossible to obtain.

The village mayor told Palestinian outlet Ma’an News that the panels were destroyed, although Comet-ME, the aid organisation which installed the panels, said that between 60 and 90 were taken away intact and other equipment at the site destroyed and left behind by Israeli forces.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry has asked for the equipment to be returned to Jubbet al-Dhib and is considering what “next steps can be taken”, according to a report in Isra