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California Firefighting Stojpped for bush Photo Op

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Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:49PM

Here is a post from the WRH Reader Letter section on the stopping of the firefighting in CA for 6 hours so Bush can look around and get a photo op.

READER: This is from my conservative sister who lives in California and who has never raised her voice about anything!!!!

Right NOW all air assault on the fires currently burning in San Diego county have been halted because the pres is in the air looking around and standing in front of Air Force 1 getting his picture taken. The air embargo is in effect from 9am to 3 pm...CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?????!!! People could be killed, and property will definitely be destroyed during this time. What a JERK. The federal govt is here trying to take credit for the successful evacuations and provision for emergency services. The feds had NO part in the effort. San Diegans and the military, to some extent, prepared, rehearsed and executed the plans for this emergency. Ask the feds why National Guard tanker planes flown in from North Carolina and other areas are still on the ground at Pt. Magu, unable to fly missions to fight the fire because of federal govt beaurocracy. The feds should not be given any credit for the way this emergency was handled...yet they are here getting their photos taken. What a load of crap you are going to see on TV this evening.