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A new beginning for Hillary: Prison!

Larry KLayman

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March 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton recently gave a speech and joked, in the context of the email scandal, that she needs a “new beginning” with the press. Right on, Ms. Hillary does need a new beginning: to be sent to prison.

Legal challenges facing Hillary Clinton are getting hotter, starting with a case on appeal I will argue Thursday before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. What is coming soon may be more significant than all of the whirlwinds around Hillary that have come before.

On April 2, I will argue to the appeals court that the U.S. Department of State withheld documents that I asked for under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). A big reason why the documents were withheld was because they were hidden on Hillary Clinton’s private email account in her Chappaqua residence. I will ask the appeals court to send the case back to the U.S. District Court and order that the computer file server be taken into custody by a neutral forensic computer expert under the direction of the Court, to reconstruct and release responsive email records.

One of the two FOIAs that we are pursuing involves Hillary as secretary of state granting waivers of economic sanctions on Iran. Those economic sanctions imposed by Congress were part of efforts by the grown-ups in Washington to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. Hillary granted waivers to European and Middle Eastern businesses so they could do business with Iran. It has recently been revealed that Iran has laundered monies to the Clintons. This likely explains why Hillary thus undermined the congressional sanctions regime.

Our FOIA request asked for all records about those waivers. The State Department produced nothing, not even one single sheet of paper. So, I filed a lawsuit. Freedom Watch looked for documents that should have been produced on the State Department’s website and in minutes found four news releases from Hillary Clinton herself released at her press conferences. Clearly, there must be many documents leading up to a public presentation by the secretary and the distribution of a news release. Yet none of those documents was provided.

The other FOIA request I will argue before a court in a few days involved leaks from Hillary’s State Department to David Sanger of the New York Times. The leaks involved not-yet-implemented and not fully implemented plans by Israel to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. These leaks are similar to telling the Washington Post the time and place of the Normandy landing on D-Day in World War II, except that back then reporters wouldn’t have printed it.

In this FOIA request, State released a few heavily redacted documents, designed to disguise what is clearly – reading between the lines – meetings between Hillary Clinton and David Sanger by name. Hillary obviously worked to sabotage Israel’s national defense and the national defense of the United States by pre-emptively revealing Israel’s military plans. However, the documents provided are inadequate.

A few days before this writing, I also filed an even more hard-hitting RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and The Clinton Foundation. See Revelations recently broke that Hillary ran all her emails while secretary of state through a secret private email server apparently located in her illegally purchased mansion in Chappaqua, New York.

My new lawsuit alleges Hillary stole the documents FOIA gives us and the public the right to see by the Clintons hiding Hillary’s email communications. And our lawsuit alleges that the reason for those hidden emails is that the Clintons were horse-trading official actions by the State Department for $100,000 to $225,000 per night speaking fees to Bill and hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign donations to The Clinton Foundation.

Why did Hillary use a private email server? When I led Judicial Watch, which I conceived of and founded in the 1990s, we discovered and documented a massive enterprise during the Clinton administration of selling government action and favors in return for campaign donations and personal benefits. Let us not forget amidst the flood “cattle-gate” – how Hillary with no experience turned a $1,000 investment into $100,000 of personal profit trading in cattle futures. Trading in futures is so specialized and risky that an investor normally needs special approval to trade.

But what we also discovered was that the mastermind of trading official government assets and actions was mainly Hillary, not Bill. Bill pressed the flesh, literally, and smiled for the cameras. But Hillary was the hard-nosed broker who turned the Clinton administration into a sleazy, open-air, Arab-style bazaar.

As explained by distinguished law professor and ethics expert Ronald D. Rotunda, Hillary committed the crime of “anticipatory obstruction of justice” under 18 U.S.C. § 1519: “Mrs. Clinton was worried that communicating through email would leave a trail that might be subject to subpoena. ‘As much as I’ve been investigated and all of that,’ she said in 2000, ‘why would I ever want to do email?’ But when she became secretary of state, she didn’t have much choice. So she set up a private server in her house. That way, in the event of an investigation, she could control which emails would be turned over.”

The incredible thing about Bill and Hillary Clinton is the astounding breadth, depth and variety of their illegal conduct, scandals and corruption. To simply list and briefly explain all of the incidents of unethical and illegal conduct would take a multi-volume treatise on crime. And yet just as amazing, the Clintons never seem to fully answer for their illegal and/or unethical conduct.

But as the Clintons have stayed one step ahead of the long arm of the law since their slimy start in Arkansas in the 1980s, is the law finally closing in on Hillary Clinton? Prosecutors sometimes share a wry joke about “the pig theory.” In crimes such as stock fraud and tax fraud or the like, it isn’t those who steal a little who get caught, the quip goes, it’s the real pigs who go for too much who get caught.

The problem with getting away with breaking the law for so long is that one develops a sense of immunity. Since leaving the White House, Bill and Hillary Clinton have expanded their corrupt enterprise many-fold, rather than laying low and covering their tracks. Even though I had a court rule in the late ’90s that Bill Clinton had committed a crime when he illegally released the Privacy Act-protected file of Kathleen Willey, a woman he harassed in the Oval Office, Hillary has thus far escaped scot-free. The time to be held to account under the rule of law has finally come for Hillary Clinton.

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