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Hillary’s Email Investigation Is Complete – State Department Finds ‘Nearly 600 Security Violations’

Ben Durk

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October 21, 2019


She thought she was in the clear – guess again, Hillary!

We’ve been waiting for the Hillary email results for a very long time. Well, they’re finally here.

For years, Americans have been wondering when the State Department would finish their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Citizens have also been wondering what investigators might find…

Now the wait is finally over and the results of the investigation were revealed in a letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA).

Those results are pretty intriguing:

Hillary and her associates are guilty of breaking nearly 600 security violations!

From The Daily Caller:

The investigation … found that 38 individuals were culpable for 91 security violations along with 497 additional security violations that were found where no individual was found to bear culpability.

That’s a lot of violations, Hillary!

But you might be asking, “what do those violations mean? What happens now?”

It looks like these findings will not fall on deaf ears: there will be consequences for current and former officials.

Specifically, the violations “will be noted in their files and will be considered when they apply for or renew security clearances.”

On top of that, some current officials could face disciplinary action very soon.

Now, does this include Hillary?

It’s possible. Remember, the FBI decided not to charge Clinton when this email investigation first began.

And when FBI officials discussed charging the former Secretary of State last year, they were denied by Obama’s Justice Department.

But now it looks like there’s firm evidence.

Now we can say there are almost 600 total violations, committed by (potentially) both Clinton and her cohorts.

The FBI has plenty of cause to go after her now … let’s just hope they will.