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Dominion lied...

Mat Staver

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For weeks, I have been pointing out how Dominion's talking points were a pack of lies. We have been dismantling these lies one by one with hard evidence all under a tight deadline.

Dominion spokespersons initially replied with handwringing and fake accusations that we were involved in a dirty "disinformation campaign" about their machines.

Now this house of cards has crumbled to the point that even Dominion's own President and CEO had to publicly admit that what we have been saying is right, and he was wrong...

The CEO admitted that some Dominion voting machines are designed to be on the internet and, in fact, certain machines will not work properly unless they are online!

This is a 180-degree turn from what everyone from this company had been saying... And blows a gaping hole in the theory that "this was a secure election." Now is the moment to demand our U.S. Legislators to not blindly accept the results from this election. They must object, investigate, and stop the steal of this election!

Send your urgent fax—which includes hard evidence of election fraud—to the desks of our legislators and urge them to take action now. - Mat


Dominion's CEO finally caved to threats from Michigan legislators to testify or be subpoenaed. He spoke before the Michigan legislature last week.

A forensic audit—along with hundreds of sworn affidavits—shows that the Dominion voting machines produce fraudulent results.

The day after the CEO testified, the hand count in Michigan's Antrim County was concluded. It found that Dominion machines had enabled the switch of nearly 7,000 ballots resulting in a false certification for Biden in that county. In reality, President Trump had won that county by 3,800 votes. This fraud was only found when investigated. This investigation must spread across the nation.

Make your voice heard inside the offices of our U.S. legislators. Urge them to object to the election results, investigate, and support only an honest candidate.

The Dominion CEO, John Poulos, finally admitted that for some of the Dominion computers "an external cellular modem is required."

Security expert Patrick Colbeck and Melissa Carone, an IT subcontractor for Dominion, discussed this in their testimony.

"Anybody who understands IT knows that if one computer is connected on a network to the Internet, all the computers on that network are connected to the Internet. And I know that the local data center was connected to the other networks," Colbeck told The Epoch Times.

He continued, "All the tabulator computers were connected via Ethernet cables to a network router. And that router, in turn, was connected to another router that was connected to the adjudicators. Those were connected to another router/firewall which was connected to the Internet, which was connected to the local data center."

By hacking even one computer online, the hacker would have access to every downline computer. Melissa Carone in her IT role was given a binder explaining exactly how each of the "machines were connected to the Wi-Fi" so that she could troubleshoot the machines if necessary.

Dominion has lied to you. And we only found out the truth when the CEO was brought before the legislators. We cannot allow this shocking revelation to be swept under the rug. Get evidence of this fraud directly to our federal legislators with your urgent fax straight to those who have the ability to stop the steal and restore the integrity of our voting system.

Liberty Counsel Action staff continue to investigate and pursue truth about what happened in this election.

January 6 is the next big event in this contested election. That is when Congress meets to count the electoral votes. Members of the Senate and House are vowing to contest the election, and seven states have certified dualling electoral ballots.

But members of Congress are being pressured to not contest the electoral votes. It is being reported that even Sen. Mitch McConnell is putting pressure on senators to remain silent. Too much is at stake to remain silent. We are launching a new petition to key U.S. legislators to urge them to object to, investigate, and decertify the election results in these swing states rife with fraud.

The Republican Senate and House leadership need to hear from you now.

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It's time to pray and to push back to fight for freedom and fair elections.


Mat Staver




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