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Election manipulation: covering their track

Mat Staver

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This week a forensic computer audit in Michigan dropped explosive news about election fraud, but it doesn't stop there. I'll connect the dots to an underreported story to explain how election fraud was NOT "just an accident."

But first, Republicans on Capitol Hill urgently need to hear YOUR VOICE right now demanding that they take this election fraud seriously and that they fight against fake election results. - Mat

There was a hack on a software firm called SolarWinds Orion. This reportedly provided hackers access to the U.S. Commerce and Treasury Departments. But what was not headlined in this story was that this also provided hackers access to Dominion Voting Systems, which also used this firm. "The only known mitigation measure currently available is to disconnect affected devices," said The Epoch Times.

It continued, "The malware was designed in a way to not alert the victim to the intrusion, and attackers went to significant lengths to blend into normal activity."

This security breach becomes especially critical when you combine it with this week's forensic audit out of Michigan that proved Dominion's voting machines also can be connected to on the internet.

We had heard about this live internet connection from multiple affidavits and legislative testimony. However, radicals tried to plug their ears and shout that's not proof. Now we have the evidence.

The Michigan report states, "Dominion ImageCast Precinct (ICP) machines have the ability to be connected to the internet ... This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity."

This fatal error influenced election results. And, after weeks of research, I believe it flipped the election in crucial swing states.

Now is a critical moment for patriots in America to rise up and demand that only an honest and accurate election can choose our nation's leaders. Make your voice heard inside the offices of our U.S. legislators. Urge them to fight the fraud and dismiss tainted results with your critical fax right now.

The forensic audit out of Michigan discovered additional shocking facts. "On November 21, 2020, an unauthorized user unsuccessfully attempted to zero out election results" on the machine that was earmarked for a forensic audit. "This demonstrates additional tampering with data."

At some point afterwards, election manipulators were able to successfully (and illegally) wipe some of the key forensic computer data from the November 3 election on these Dominion machines. What is significant is that data from previous elections was left untouched, still stored in the systems.

There is absolutely NO legitimate reason to wipe this data. In fact, the law requires that it be preserved. Yet multiple times someone accessed these voting machines illegally to wipe voting data which is also illegal... to cover something up. Something that they feared even more than breaking the law multiple times.

We do know there was abnormally high levels of ballot "errors" pushed to "adjudication" where one person, unmonitored, could dictate who everyone voted for in that group of people whose ballots were classified as an "error."

The investigator stated: "Research is ongoing. However, based on the preliminary results, we conclude that the errors are so significant that they call into question the integrity and legitimacy of the results in the Antrim County 2020 election to the point that the results are not certifiable. Because the same machines and software are used in 48 other counties in Michigan, this casts doubt on the integrity of the entire election in the state of Michigan."

We cannot certify an election with these levels of fraud across multiple states! Urge our U.S. legislators right now with your fax demanding that they fight for an honest leader who didn’t try to steal this election through fraud.

There were two important cases at the Wisconsin State Supreme Court this week. The first ruled in Trump's favor that it was illegal for normal voters to use the excuse of COVID to cast votes without providing proper photo ID. The second ruled against Trump by claiming that he filed too late. These are both important cases to follow.

If you missed it, yesterday I shared how the investigation in Michigan was still able to uncover that nearly 70% of the votes cast were manipulated on the Dominion machines they investigated, and how it was not user error but was enabled by the computer programs and backdoors. And there were not one or two, but three completely different sets of numbers of how many people voted and who received their votes.

This is incredible. Any honest news media outlet should be shouting this from the rooftops. This is one of the biggest news stories of the year. But instead, they are busy burying the truth. U.S. legislators are very busy, and it would be easy for them to miss this crucial information.

But a fax gets these details and demands directly into the office and hands of U.S. legislators. It bypasses the fake news and tech censorship and is recorded in the official record on Capitol Hill. It is urgent that we fight this fraud with everything that we have. I shudder to think of the alternative.

Send your urgent fax to the U.S. Congress to demand that Republican legislators uphold election integrity and vote for the candidate who didn’t try to cheat citizens out of their voice.

Liberty Counsel Action is working hard to give you the most important facts and to empower you with the ability to change the minds of our U.S. legislators. We can only build on this vision to educate and activate patriots across America because of the donations of our friends and partners.

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There are so many Americans who are increasingly aware of how critical this moment is—not just to our nation but to the whole world. Join me in praying for wisdom and knowledge as we navigate our nation onward.


Mat Staver