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Uncounted votes and fraudulent registrations

Mat Staver

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Two Georgia counties just found a net gain of 1,227 new votes for President Trump that previously had not been counted. In Floyd Co., they found 1,643 new votes for Trump and 865 new votes for Biden. And in Fayette Co., they found 1,577 new votes for President Donald Trump, while Biden received 1,128. These two counties drop Biden's lead from almost 14,000 votes down to 12,750. And there is talk of a third county with another net gain for President Trump. There are 159 total counties in Georgia.

However, there are many ways to scam the voting system, including fake registrations, dead people mailing in ballots, and removing all ballot observers for one party completely out of the ballot counting process... all of which my team has firsthand knowledge of having happened this election.

One person fraudulently affected 8,000 votes. And our staff has knowledge about other illegal behavior happening across several states. Every allegation of fraud needs to be investigated and if proven, prosecuted.

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The level of propaganda coming out of the fake news outlets, and even Fox News, is astounding! Illegal behavior has happened in multiple states. There are accusations that rival the voter fraud seen in corrupt third-world countries.

In California, "[Carlos] Montenegro allegedly submitted more than 8,000 fraudulent voter registration applications between July and October 2020." He was criminally charged this week for falsifying names, addresses and signatures on nomination papers under penalty of perjury.

And this is the work of just one person!

There are more than 11,000 incident reports impacting countless numbers of ballots. While more concerning reports are still rolling in. Any one of these reports could be what leads to exposing fraud that changes the outcome of this election, but we won't know until each one is fully investigated.

The election is not “final” like the NY Times wants you to believe! And it is false to say this was "the most secure [election] in American history," as USA Today printed. Nevada sent out real ballots to every name and address on the voter rolls without any solicitation. Anyone could return them, and the state would never know. In addition, 12 new states allowed mail-in ballots, though in 2005 a bipartisan Commission chaired by Jimmy Carter found them to be fraught with fraud.

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There is a very clear process enshrined in our Constitution to deal with a contested election. This is not the first time this has happened in America. We are not—as the fake news likes to wring their hands and cry—in "uncharted territory." Contested presidential elections began in 1800 with Thomas Jefferson and occurred most recently 20 years ago. In 2000, a total of 537 votes decided the presidential election between Bush and Gore. I led the initial charge in the courts for that election litigation.

Let me walk you through this constitutional process for dealing with a contested election.

The Electoral College votes on December 14. No matter the outcome, the new U.S. House counts the electoral votes. If no candidate has a majority, then the Twelfth Amendment applies and in January each state delegation gets one vote to choose the President from the top candidates. There are more Republican-led states than Democrat.

Legal votes must be counted. Illegal votes must be tossed.

We have the experience necessary for this task. We have already done it and we are in a position to do it again. We have been monitoring and disputing more than 5,000 ballots in just one county in Pennsylvania.

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  • In PA, from the state's own website, 1,601 people between the ages of 100 to 202 years old requested mail-in ballots, nearly all of which were returned in time for the November 3 vote.


  • In Philadelphia, election officials refused to obey a court order to allow authorized observers from the GOP to observe the vote count.


  • In Antrim County, Michigan, where Dominion Voting Systems equipment and software was used, 6,000 Trump votes went to Biden.

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Fair elections are the foundation of a free society and we will keep working to ensure that they are the foundation of America moving forward.


Mat Staver



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