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6 Reasons the Mail-In Ballot Scheme is a SCAM

TTN Staff

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The Democrats are teaming up with the media to make a big push for mail-in voting this year if this succeeds then this election will go down as the most debated set of election results ever in American history. The worst part is that it will not matter who wins the actual election, mail-in voting is illegitimate and will lead to contentious debate from both parties regardless of the outcome. Here are 6 reasons why Mail-in voting would be a total disaster in the United States:


1.) Voter Fraud



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Voter fraud is always a major concern with mail-in ballots and considering the amount that might be used this year many are raising the alarm bells. With so much on the line in 2020, it wouldn’t be a shock to anyone if a political party or multiple were to cheat to win. This is one of the largest concerns for mail-in voting but this is not the end of the concerns that are being shared by voters and politicians.

2.) The Postal Service

The Postal Service is another big issue facing mail-in ballots. The Postal Service has been unreliable historically, there is a reason many Americans use UPS for their mail as opposed to the post office. If even a small percentage of ballots go missing an election outcome can still be swayed, this is evident by the way Florida has participated in elections in recent years.


3.) Poor Counting

There can always be issues with the way ballots are counted, mail-in ballots are just another headache for districts to consider in elections. There have been miscounting and recounts in the past and they always create more frustration for the country, it’s better to avoid the headache and stick to what works.

4.) An Election That Doesn’t Count



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On the basis of almost no evidence, the Democrats launched an investigation into the election of Donald Trump. This election further divided the broader American public and did nothing to quell the fears of election fraud in America. If America uses mail-in ballots in the upcoming election the same thing will happen again regardless of who wins the election. Half of America will view the results of that elec


5.) Foreign Interference via ( Wikipedia Commons



The possibility of a foreign government to interfere with mail-in ballots is high, considering the accusations that went flying in 2016, and the real election interference that went on this can not be allowed to happen. It would be no great effort for a foreign government to sabotage ballots and change the outcome of the election or even through doubt into the results.

6.) Dangerous Precedent

Including mail-in ballots in this election would mean that this is an option as the new normal moving forward into other election years. There would be little to no debate on the topic and many of the issues that have been raised would remain as a permanent part of the election process.