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States With Extra Representatives Because Illegal Immigrants Are Counted

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Illegal immigration is a major problem in the country and its effects are staggering. As many Americans know the number for representatives a state gets is determined by the state’s population, an issue has arisen with this because illegal immigrants are being counted as citizens and this is changing the electoral makeup of the country. Here are the states with extra representatives as a result of illegal immigration:


Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

California has 6 extra representatives as a result of illegal immigration. This is the extent of the effect illegal immigration has on Congress. In reality, these Congressional seats need to be going to other states that have legal citizens residing within them.

ew York

Delta News Hub via Wikimedia Commons

New York is another state that reaps the benefits of illegal immigration, although not to the same extent as California. New York has a single extra representative due to illegal immigrants being counted in the census.


Florida has an extra representative due to illegal immigration. This is concerning considering that the state has been a major battleground for presidential elections in the past.


Texas has been the subject of recent political battles and is home to another one considering it has an extra representative due to the counting of illegal immigrants in the census. The left has mad a major push to take over Texas in recent years, although their efforts have proved fruitless illegal immigration may change this.