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North Carolina Hillary Supporter Brags on Facebook About Voting Multiple Times

Jim Holt

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Oct. 27, 2016

Hillary supporter Robert Dougherty from Jacksonville, North Carolina bragged on Facebook today about how he committed voter fraud.

Robert boasted on how he voted for some of his Facebook friends using their identities, and tells them not to worry about voting, because he’s already done it for them.

And he’s bragging about it on Facebook.

Robert boasts about how they give you a sticker every time you vote.  

He says he will continue to vote all next week!


“Isn’t North Carolina nice they give you a sticker every time you vote… No ID required.”


“There isn’t a need for you to wait in line anymore. Took care of it for you. Gave you a straight Democratic ticket.”


“Amazing how many addresses you get from Google. Going again until Saturday and all next week.”

Robert either thinks voter fraud is a big joke or he’s one stupid Hillary-supporting criminal.