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R. K. Traveler

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You may ask if doing the right thing is even a factor in American elections anymore.

When America was still America, choosing the right thing was understood to be the reason for any decision. But big money became the master of politics. Politicians, desperate to win, paid whatever their “expert advisors” demanded. The lobbyists clamored to cover those costs—in exchange for “access” (legalized bribery). To reach the voting public, you have to pay small fortunes to the corporate media that controls what we can and cannot see. In early 2010, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling stole our individual rights to freedom of speech and gave them to corporations, reducing us to helpless “zeroes.”

Materialism and cowardice rule Congress. Thus, Congress is easy prey for the predatory agents of super-profitable, imperialism that foster economic depression and no-win wars. To get and maintain power, they made examples of certain politicians, especially Traficant. The cowardly turnstiles in Congress were so timid that all it took was a threat to give their money to an opponent’s campaign—and these jellyfish dropped to their knees and apologized for dribbling saliva on their lobby-masters’ boots.

We can help break this stranglehold on Congress with one good example of an honest American, someone not dependent on this special interest money, someone who is blacklisted by the “all-powerful” American-Israel Public Affairs Committee and establishment media; someone who is so anti-incumbent, so anti-big government, and so against the phony Democrat-Republican stage show that even many supposedly “maverick” tea party groups are afraid of him.

Once we elect such a hero, the whole edifice of control by special interests will collapse. Traficant, known for kicking “the rats” out of Washington, is popular, but “they” have smothered his 2010 congressional campaign in silence, in which he is running as an independent. So, of course, he has almost no money to buy ads, but he does have a solid base of supporters and name recognition. He can win.

I am enthusiastically volunteering my services pro bono plus contributing as much as I can to Traficant’s campaign—because it’s the right thing to do. (The maximum legal campaign contribution limit for each individual in a family is $2,400.) The odds are against us, but those are the sweetest victories.

If you understand how vitally important Traficant’s victory will be, then we will have a representative resurrected by the power of the true American people. If you, like me, are furious at Congress—both Democrats and Republicans—send a message to your Congress-critter—no matter where you live—and send your support to: Traficant for Congress, 429 North Main St., Poland, Ohio 44514.

Oct. 21, 2010