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Government Fraud Elections

SORCHA FAAL: Of Course They Are Coming You. What Did You Expect?

Election fraud bills top priority . .

URGENT: Senate to vote on election fraud bill . .

HUGE: Maricopa County volunteer Liz Harris says audit of 2020 election has turned up 176,000 “missing votes”

Election Integrity Gets Big Win in Texas

X22REPORT: Message Sent & Received, Floor Is Yours, Stay Alert, Be Vigilant, No Escape, No Deals – Ep. 2565

Georgia Board of Election Launches Review of Fulton County Votes; Takeover Possible

Lawsuit Tries to Challenge CA Recall Election

SORCHA FAAL: 21 Million Americans Warned Are Ready For “Violent Mobilization” To Restore Trump To Power

SOTN: Mike Lindell says he will prove 2020 POTUS election fraud and is offering $5 million to anyone who can debunk his information.

California Judge Changes Course On Elder Ballot Decision

X22REPORT: [DS] Trapped, All Assets Deployed, We Are Witnessing The Destruction Of The Old Guard – Ep. 2531

X22REPORT: Ep 2531a – [CB]/[DS] Might Use The Markets As A Distraction

X22REPORT: Ep 2529a – The People Are Blaming [CB] & The Biden Admin, This Won’t End Well For Them

X22REPORT: Ep 2525a – [CB] Losing Control Of Narrative, [CB] About To Become Desperate, [FF]

The AZ audit and their plan to control . . .

Breaking: What SCOTUS ruling means for election bills . . .

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Police State Sees Election Audit Racing Trump Criminal Charges To Finish Line

X22REPORT: Ep 2511a – The People Know The Main Problem, The People Are Being Prepped

Biden Justice Department announces lawsuit against Georgia’s election integrity law