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The Whole QAnon Psyop Was a Total


Fraud Perpetrated to Grossly Mislead

the Right

The Alt Media platforms, that continue to host


Hopium Dealers to feature their unadulterated

Hope Porn to draw in Hopium Addicts, do great

harm to the American Republic and a terrible

disservice to the Patriot Movement.

State of the Nation

SOTN has posted prolifically about the pervasive and profound damage inflicted on these United States of America by the QAnon psyop, White Hat fakery and Hope Porn that has effectively paralyzed large swaths of the Patriot Movement.

Really, what can Patriots possibly accomplish when many are stone-cold Hopium Addicts watching so much Hope Porn relentlessly purveryed by deceitful Hopium Dealers?  As follows:



How the C.I.A. treasonously undermined the Patriot Movement…

…by turning many Trump supporters into hopeless HOPIUM ADDICTS.

Of course, the preceding exposé breaks it all down so any Hopium Addict can clearly see their hopeless plight; as well as who has been their primary Hopium Dealers over the past few years of profligate Hope Porn posting all over the Internet.

However, we now have a U.S. Military Intelligence deep insider and whistleblower who has laid bare the critical facts and raw truth about the supposedly “White Hats” organization THAT NEVER EXISTED.

Yes, there are White Hats all over the place as each true Christian, person of conscience and/or righteous individual can become in their respective positions of authority or leadership.  But, those brave souls are practically barred from organizing or galvanizing in any organized fashion for the reasons stated in the following video.

There is simply no “White Hat” entity(ies)


that is organized that will save the USA.


What else needs to be said to the Hopium Addicts after all of those truth bombs dropped in the preceding video?!

Bottom Line: If the Republic is to be saved, the American people will do it.  No one is coming to save as We the People must first save ourselves.  Here is how we can start: Our Only Hope Rests With The SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT

State of the Nation

September 16, 2021

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