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Operation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer January 11, 2021 As intel sources are rapidly depleting, you may read the same i...

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Operation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer


January 11, 2021


As intel sources are rapidly depleting, you may read the same information on this website from several different people.


Parler has gone already, as predicted. Gab is overwhelmed and takes ages to upload.


A very reliable intel source passed on this message to his group, of which I am a member. Here is a summary...


President Trump signed an Executive Order in November, banning investment in Chinese companies. Apparently, the EO came into effect today. This is effectively a declaration of war against China. If they retaliate, the Alliance is ready to destroy the Three Gorges Dam which is linked to the Wuhan laboratory.


The source says that this situation could take place within HOURS. If so, all media would go down immediately. The Alliance has Project Odin ready to go - the new quantum-based internet. President Trump spoke recently about a NEW way of communicating with us.


Please use your discernment with this intel. Having said that, ANYTHING is possible now. Expect massive shocking events. It is going to TAKE massive shocking events to awaken humanity to the heinous crimes of the [D]eep [S]tate. One word: [A]drenochrome. If you don't know that word, please do your research. Light Warriors ahead of you have suffered through their own research on this subject. Our distress over the research is meaningless compared to the unimaginable suffering of the victims.


Simon Parkes presented an update. He said that last night he 'talked to the real Cue'. Simon is a highly credible source. It is quite possible that Simon DID 'talk to the real Cue'. However Cue ALWAYS specified - and emphasized - 'No outside comms.' This may have changed. As with ALL intel, please use discernment.




I agree with several important statements that Simon made, including this message about President Trump's battle with the [D]eep [S]tate: 'They know that it is either him or them.' That is why they are fighting so desperately and so viciously. They have nothing to lose now except their lives.


Finally, it was most reassuring - although we Light Warriors in this community didn't need it - to have the new financial system confirmed by Cue/the top insider. The USA (and the rest of the world) will definitely return to the Gold Standard. SOON.


Simon is right: Please don't .....