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X22REPORT: The First Wave Will Bring About Unity & Change, T [-6] And Counting – Episode 1814

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A new report was released from the Fed, the report shows that Millennial’s are in more debt than any other generation and most don’t even own a home. US banks are reporting billions of unrealized losses on security investments, when the market goes down the banks are going to implode. When countries want to use their gold, the [CB] is going to tell them know you cannot because it doesn’t belong to the people. Trump begins to educate the American public, the borrowing and spending must come to an end. Manafort is sentenced to more months in prison, this has nothing to do with Russian collusion these are crimes before Trump. Trump thanks Pelosi for pulling back the impeachment, but as we know impeachment is a dead end. CIA is being blamed for an attack in Spain on the NK embassy. The CIA is being blamed in Syria for working with ISIS. Q drops more bread, the first wave is coming, this will bring unity and change.



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The First Wave Will Bring About Unity & Change, T [-6] And Counting
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