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ROBERT DAVID STEELE: What Trump's About To Do Is SHOCKING! (Powerful Interview)

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SES, (Senior Executive Services) is simply a presidential rank that serves at the pleasure of the president.  They can be demoted at any time back to their GS or GM grade, generally 15 (Colonel equivalent).  90% of the SES and all other ranks are good people trapped in a bad system.  It is the 10% -- including the alternative chain of commands run by the Freemasons, Zionists, Knights of Malta and Opus Dei, that are the problem.


The Deep State – also known as the Illuminati or Cabalist Satanists – is led by a tiny handful of individuals including the two ostensibly Catholic popes, the Rothschild pater familias, and the Rebbe of the Jewish supremacist cult, the Chabad. They use the upper ranks of the Freemasons and the Knights of Malta and a few other secret societies as their “fixers,” and the banks – Central Banks, Wall Street, and the City of London, as their “managers.”


The Shadow Government –– consists of politicians who generally maintain a two-party system that disenfranchises seventy percent of the public -- and selected public officials at all levels (not just federal but state and local as well) inclusive particularly of judges, who are the enablers of Deep State control and Deep State theft from the public treasury. At the political level, bribery and blackmail, not ideology, rule – “pay to play” and pedophilia strings shut out any possibility for evidence-based governance in the public interest at all levels (federal, state, local).


Within the Shadow Government, the Freemasons and the Knights of Malta, but also dual citizens (e.g. Israeli-US) and other select groups (e.g. the Pentecostalists aligned with Israel, the Neo-Conservatives aligned with Israel), manage alternative hierarchies of command and control that enable them to leverage the full capabilities of the state for illegal purposes – the smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children being of paramount importance. The secret intelligence agencies, at one time used by the Deep State to leverage the assets of government – especially military bases and transports – have evolved to spy on and blackmail senior individuals directly, often in partnership with the Mossad (e.g. the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia island and no-name hotels that entrap individuals having sex and harming small children). [4]


Response to Kortunov


Responding to the first article, I would say four things:


1) There is no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties and their leaders. They are all corrupt in every possible way, and absolutely under the control of the Deep State outside the government. Yes, reach out to both, but recognize you are dealing with venal servants of the Deep State.


2) It is premature to permit adoptions of Russian babies by anyone. Regardless of the country of origin of the putative adopting family, in my estimation seventy percent of all adopted babies are inevitably going to end up within the child slavery, rape, torture, murder, body parts network and be dead within two years. [5]


3) The USA is not Russia’s enemy. Russia’s enemy is the Deep State. Donald Trump – who is showing many troubling indications of having been captured by the Deep State – is still the best option available for “top-down” influence by President Vladimir Putin and his surrogates, particularly if Putin and Trump can agree to create a post-Google Internet that serves them and the public rather than the Deep State.


4) A “bottom-up” approach to educating the US public toward the goal of ending the role of the US government and the US military as occupying forces everywhere, with hundreds of billions of dollars spend on war, on waste, on subsidizing dictators and Zionist Israel, is absolutely right. [6] It is also clear that Russia Today (RT) is a complete failure. Despite the whining from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), RT is incoherent and ineffective. [7] It has potential but it needs new leadership and a strategic vision for becoming a trusted provider of truth about everything. A post-Google Internet will help here as well.


Response to Korybko


Responding to the second article, I would say three things:


1) The author makes the common mistake of thinking that the Deep State consists of the military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies. This is in error at two levels. At one level, easily 90% of all of the bureaucracies are good people trapped in a bad system – people who dwell in cubicles and go through the motions every day, generally lacking intelligence and imagination but by and large being good public servants with integrity. At the second level, the 10% that are in a state of treason against the US Constitution and the public interest, are not the Deep State but rather the best of the servant class. This includes the Secretaries of State and Defense – anyone claiming that Syria, rather than Israel, is using bio-chemical weapons is lacking in intelligence as well as integrity. [8]


2) While somewhat vitriolic, the author excels at documenting the degree to which former US president Barack Hussein Obama was the best possible servant of the larger Deep State and Zionist Israel. It was Obama – and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – who sold Libya to France, Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia, and Uranium One to Russia. If ever there was a Manchurian candidate in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama is that candidate along with his de facto second vice president Hillary Clinton. [9]


3) The author is confusing Candidate Trump with President Trump. Candidate Trump made many promises of great importance, including an end to US support for the globalist front called the United Nations, a commitment to withdraw from the war-mongering false flag antagonist known at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and a commitment to end all elective wars including the elective war in Syria. President Trump is not only breaking most of those promises, [10] he is giving all indications of having become a captive who is under control of the Deep State, a captive who is being lied to every day and is not receiving serious intelligence (decision support) about anything, and who is very likely to be the fall guy for the collapse of the US economy immediately after the 2018 elections. He needs help such as only President Putin and General Secretary Xi Jinping might offer from the top, while I do my thing – perhaps with Russian help – from the bottom. Trump can still triumph in three moves over ninety days. [11]


What Is To Be Done?


I continue to believe that President Donald Trump, in his early days, achieved an understanding with President Vladimir Putin and General Secretary Xi Jinping (similar to the understanding achieved between President John F. Kennedy and Chairman (Premier) Nikita Khrushchev).


While President Putin is certain to be re-elected in March, I am concerned by the inability of Russia to properly define the threat, create a strategy, and mobilize the capabilities needed to execute that strategy, because of the looming Russian election.


If Russia does not focus now (plan now for action beginning in May), it will not be effective in influencing – ethically, legally, and overtly – the November elections in the USA. [12] Speaking as an American citizen who has denounced not only the Fake News media including the Crap News Network (CNN), [13] but also #GoogleGestapo, the Zionist-controlled social media cabal that censors and digitally assassinates all pro-Trumpers and most right of center commentators as well as Sandernistas denouncing the Democratic Party’s crimes, [14] I welcome any ethical, legal, overt role Russia might play in educating and mobilizing American citizens in the year to come. [15]


There are in my view three specific actions that President Putin can initiate now, before the election, such that from 1 May he is ready to apply the full information power of Russia and the world in support of educating and mobilizing the American public in its own interest, for the balance of 2018:


1) In direct engagement, encourage President Trump to accelerate his indictments of key Deep State actors – William Binney and I helped, I believe President Trump has harvested all the data from the National Security Agency’s unprocessed data pile – but also to pivot toward the 99% and execute the three ideas that will take down the Shadow Government: an Election Reform Act, an Open Source Agency that creates a post-Google Internet with a two-way Trump Channel, and a Grand Strategy conversation with 100 million or more US voters.


[16] This is the only way America is going to achieve a consensus on the need to withdraw from the Middle East, close all US military bases around the world, [17] nationalize the federal reserve, restore state and individual rights, legalize marijuana, end the income tax, end subsidies to foreign dictators and genocidal regimes, and so on.


2) Give the RT leadership two weeks to design and program a global capability to collect open sources, process, analyze, and explain every threat, every policy, every cost, first to Russians and Americans in their own language, and then to others including Arabs, Chinese, Europeans, and more. RT today is a light version of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – a long-standing subsidiary of the CIA – and nowhere near its potential.


[18] At the same time, establish a joint working group with both state and non-state actors who wish to create the post-Google Internet that cannot be used against Russia or anyone else. [19]


3) Create, with Iran and Turkey and others including Egypt, a Multinational Decision Support Centre (MDSC) in Istanbul, relying strictly on open sources and methods, whose mission is to collect, process, analyze, and disseminate the truth about the Middle East at four levels not understood by most: strategic, operational, tactical, and technical. I would be glad to help – its goal is quite simple: to challenge every assumption and every lie being told by every Zionist, Arab, and American “leader” about the situation in Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.


[20] Later we can create similar MDSCs in other regions including one in Quito for the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and another in Manila for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and connect them all with RT and other outlets in other languages so as to begin the process of empower the 99% with truthful information. Use this to encourage President Trump to create his own Open Source Agency (OSA) as twice approved by the Office of Management and Budget at $2 billion a year.


[21]There is no substitute for popular power, and there is no substitute for information power. The two together will make a bottom-up non-violent revolution possible that buries the Deep State.


The Acme of Skill


As Sun Tzu teaches, the acme of skill is to defeat the enemy without fighting; in order to do this one must know the enemy, know one self, avoid direct confrontation, and use indirect means.


From where I sit, Russia would do well to identify the non-state Deep State as its main enemy; to refine its understanding of the USA to distinguish between the military-industrial complex; the Zionist controlled foreign policy; the corrupt Congress; the well-intentioned but possibly captive President; and – most important – the public and particularly the veterans of foreign wars, all of whom hate war.


Cold War America is dead. Global War on Terrorism America is dead. The Chinese – and perhaps the Russians – own the next hundred years. We are at the beginning of a new cycle, a thousand year cycle, of peace and prosperity.


[22]My message to the Honorable President of the Russian Federation: stop letting your people play checkers with servants. It is time for chess at a grand master level. The American public is the center of gravity; ethical, legal, overt information is the means; and peace with prosperity for all are the end.


Victory in four moves:


-- Strategic: support Donald Trump in burying the Deep State and pivoting to the 99%.

-- Operational: create a Multinational Decision Support Centre (MDSC) for the Middle East.

-- Tactical: force RT to live up to its potential as a global provider of truth about everything.

-- Technical: create the post-Google Internet that cannot be manipulated by the Zionists.