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🔴 POTUS Trump Using RIF to Remove SES Globalist & Deep State Operatives! -01/21/ 2019🔴

Steve Motley

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R I F - Reduction In Force! (Legal Lay Offs of Nonessential Personnel) Senior Executive Service (SES) should be totally disbanded. POTUS can now Root Out & Remove All Obama/Hillary Globalist! They will have 60 days once notified of their termination to be GONE! Here is the Playback of HempWorx Special Call Sunday 20 Jan 2019 with Dr. Pamela Marcum, Debbie Wood & Steve Motley!
Hemp Is The Next Big Thing! Thank You President Trump for putting We The People First and signing the Historic Farm Bill bringing HEMP back to American Farmers and making Non THC CBD Oil 100% Legal to consume and market! Watch This Short Video I Made For YOU First! Ok, Here's the deal. I'm looking for a few Highly Motivated Patriots who want to help a lot of people and make a lot of money in the process! If you're ready to take advantage of this exploding global market, and being part of something much bigger and greater than yourself....then come along! Please review the Information below very carefully and come join my team ASAP! Steps To Your Hemp Worx Success 1. Listen to Founder/CEO Josh Zwagil Explain HempWorx 2. Watch This Video with Steve Motley/Dr Pamela Marcum & Debbie Wood! 3. Come Join Our HempWorx Success Team NOW! 4. You will receive a direct Welcome email from me! Follow the Instructions in that email and you will thank me lat