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Mike King

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The video down below shows Huma Abadin -- the lesbian pedo-monster sidekick of lesbian pedo-monster Killary Clinton -- running up to the sodomite Senator Lindsey Graham -- the former McCain-sidekick-turned-Trump-puppy-dog --  at the funeral of John McCain the Insane (aka "No Name). Evidently, Huma does not yet realize that Graham, fearing for his own life in the wake of McCain's execution or secret life imprisonment by the military, has been flipped over to Team Trump.


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May-July, 2018: Q's coded language told us of the coming August 25 demise of "no name"-- On July 25, Q even called the exact minute :28 -- NY Times (August 13, 2018): Trump Talks for 28 Minutes on Bill Named for John McCain. Not Mentioned: McCain.

The June 30 post "SC vote to confirm. No name action. Every dog has its day," refers to Supreme Court nomination (Kavanaugh) and National Dog Day (August 26 (here)) -- Trump took "action" against "no name" in advance of ongoing Supreme Court approval hearings-- and thus "had his day" (his revenge). On Dog Day, he flew the flag at half-mast for just that single day, to honor himself and/or the dogs, not McCain! Q just posted on September 4, "What are the odds?"


The stone-face death looks of Trump's Generals (Defense Secretary Mattis & Chief of Staff Kelly) are the stuff of straight-up "gangsta." After the encounter with Huma, a very nervous Graham seems like he is about to piss his pants in the presence of General Kelly. He pretends to look away but Kelly won't stop eyeing him. Finally, when Graham can no longer avoid eye-contact, Kelly points to his own eye, as if to signal to Graham, "I'm watching you, punk. You better fly straight or you'll end up like your buddy No Name, understood?"

Moments later, Graham approaches Kelly and whispers something into his ear -- a sign that he is betraying Huma's confidence. Have a close look at the slow motion video below (which someone set to a song). After the video, see the image below of George W. Bush sneaking a "candy" to the ex-First Tranny, and then the Q-Post below about how difficult it has become for these demons to communicate with one another. Those of "youse guys" who still haven't come around to Q-Anondom, take all of this in and then ask yourselves if the traitors aren't being hunted down.

Must-see TV!


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After 2 years of viciously bashing Trump, a frightened Graham is now Trump's wholly-owned little poodle. Believe it!


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A note wrapped in candy to avoid the NSA's monitoring of every move that they make?