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Deep State Changes Narrative on Russia from “Election Meddling” to “Election Involvement”

Alex Christoforou

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August 06, 2018 "Information Clearing House" With US primary elections coming in November 2018, the neocon-deep state faction of the Trump administration is cleverly scapegoating Russia, while changing the narrative on what was previously called “election meddling” to now be identified as “election involvement”.




Not that any of this matters, because we have, to-date, seen no evidence of “meddling”, “collusion”, “interference”, or “involvement”.

Nevertheless, should Republicans have a poor showing in the midterms Russia will be blamed, and should Democrats have a poor showing in the midterms Russia will be blamed.

This bizarre and embarrassing White House press briefing had US security and intelligence chiefs pledging to protect American democracy. The deep state talking heads, united in this PR catastrophe, attempted to reassure the American public that they are actively working to protect the upcoming November midterm elections to Congress from foreign interference.

Russia was named as the main threat without any evidence provided.